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 Serving the Poor

I am having a hard time, grasping the attitude towards the poor...homeless and those in need. In my local body, I actually have individuals say, “they don’t feel called to serve the poor”. My thought and interpretation was that we are commanded to?

I don’t mean to sound harsh....I see too many “serving” to make themselves feel better. They go and serve and go back to their big fancy houses and their stuff. Where did we get sideways on these issues?

I have been serving those in need over 20 years. Discipleship starts with relationships. What a better way to serve than to meet those, listen and care. You’d be surprised how many opportunities to share the Gospel comes out of these relationships.

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 Re: Serving the Poor

Dear brother,

serving the poor, or "almsgiving" was always a part of the Church and will be, we must look back to the Book of Acts and early church history to see even our Lord in the Holy Gospels loved and served the poor.

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 Re: Serving the Poor

The poor in this world are rich in faith and heirs to the Kingdom, in James. Context not sure and the Disciples were very poor said George Muller. And how hardly shall a rich person enter..but all things are possible with God, and there are some rich anointed people who really let it flow through they're hands I guess, so not sure. I'm glad you said something been thinking about it for a long time and seems like my closeness to God was much greater when I was poorer but still there are homeless drug addicts etc so I guess it's the poor righteous person. Anyway..blessings happy Thanksgiving!

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