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 Revival: The Waiting of Simeon by +Todd Atkinson

"...In our day, waiting is not seen as something that has any value. Waiting is thought of as an annoyance. It is thought of as a waste of time; as something that is interfering with our goals, getting in our way. It is seen as something that delays our happiness.

Waiting is seen as something that prevents us from joy, not as something that prepares us for joy. Waiting feels like a denial. It makes us feels like we’re brushed aside. That we don’t matter. That something else or someone else must count for more than we do. We hate waiting. It has no positive connotations for us.

And yet, I strongly disagree. I think there is something beautiful about waiting. There is something worshipful about waiting. Do you know that what we most love is seen in what we are most willing to wait for? We wait most eagerly for what we love most dearly.

On many occasions I’ve counselled a young man who is in pursuit of a young woman and he’s been in too much of a hurry. Now, I have said to that young man, ‘Send her the message that her heart needs to hear. Tell her that she is worth waiting for.’ When we wait on God, we are sending heaven a message, saying: ‘You are worth waiting for.’

Simeon was a righteous man, a devout man, whose devotion was seen in his waiting. Biblical waiting is different than the kind of waiting that we’re accustomed to. Biblical waiting is not resignation. Biblical waiting is not giving up. It is not giving in. It is not checking out. It is not a last case resort (the thing that we do when nothing else works).

Biblical waiting has got nothing to do with resignation and everything to do with expectation—I say this after many years of waiting. I say this as one for whom waiting has not come naturally. And so I’ve wrestled with God over years of waiting and it has caused me to look back to the Scriptures and think, ‘How does God see waiting when I don’t see it at all positively?’

And here is what I have come up with: Psalms 37:9 ‘Those who wait on the LORD shall inherit the Land.’ Acts chapter 2 — the greatest outpouring of the Spirit of all time — the day of Pentecost, happened after 10 days of?…waiting. The birth of the Church happened after 10 days of waiting. So what’s so deplorable about waiting? What are the things we could give birth to if we were involved in Holy waiting? What kind of outpourings of the power of God could we see if we engaged in holy waiting? Not resignation..but expectation."

The full message can be viewed here:

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 Re: Revival: The Waiting of Simeon by +Todd Atkinson

A powerful message and very well watching and listening to. The audio version is here:

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