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A number of these post-Scripture "church fathers" had terrible theology, Sree and Greg.

Origen was a universalist who taught that, in the end, everyone would go to heaven. He also taught that Mary was perpetually a sinless virgin which Catholic Rome later latched onto. Furthermore::

March 15, 2016
The Berean Call

Origen (A.D. 250) was the first to reject the doctrine of the millennium. He was however "a poor divine and a sorry philosopher," and, as Martin Luther wrote, his interpretations are to be avoided. According to his system, the sacred writings may be made to say everything, anything, or nothing, according to the fancy, peculiar creed, or caprice of the interpreter. He taught many false doctrines, as that magic is true and lawful science; that human souls existed previous to conception, and are condemned to animate mortal bodies in order to expiate evils committed in a pre- existent state; the universal restoration of the lost after a limited punishment, etc. and, above all, that the Scriptures are of little use if we understand them as they are written, and that the words in many parts of the Bible convey no meaning at all.

This man was the first opponent of pre-millennial doctrine, and Augustine, Jerome, and a multitude of the subsequent Fathers followed his teachings.

--H. Grattan Guiness (Light for the Last Days, chapter 19)

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As if being an opponent of premillennial doctrine is a bad thing?


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It's the universalism & bizarre ideas about pre-existing souls & belated punishment that particularly raised my eyebrows.

He also castrated himself, according to Eusebius.

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It's the universalism & bizarre ideas about pre-existing souls & belated punishment that particularly raised my eyebrows.

Origen was never considered a "St." meaning historical churches did not agree with all of his teaching but he definetly was a godly theologian. He was a genius and wrote "2,000 treatises in multiple branches of theology"

"Origen sought martyrdom with his father at a young age, but was prevented from turning himself in to the authorities by his mother. "

"He was tortured for his faith during the Decian persecution in 250 and died three to four years later from his injuries."


for your consideration:

"Origen was not a universalist, at least not in the popular sense of a “universalist” as one who believes that all religious paths lead to the same summit, nor in the specific doctrinal position that the goodness of God demands the ultimate restoration of all things and the salvation of all creatures without exception. On the other hand, according to Frederick Norris in The Westminster Handbook to Origen, Origen’s view of apokatastasis (i.e., the ultimate restoration of creation) is not definitive but pastoral. Norris points out that Origen was not a systematic theologian in the manner of Augustine. His various, if apparently contradictory teachings on apokatastasis signify Origen’s dual role as both intellectual and pastor."

read more:

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