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Lord, thy word hath been sent forth,
With a purpose strong and defined;
We trust, it shall not return defeated:
Who and what, can spurn thy might?

The kings and princes of this earth,
Hast said of thine word, 'Let us rend
Off its shackles; throw away its band!'
In vain dost these worms thus craft!

How are they increased that frustrate
And are bent to trouble thy own word!
They make lie out of the holy record!
Oh Lord, arise and defend thy statute!

Thou art the shield of this holy seed;
The glory of all thy pronouncements;
And in man's heart it'll have a place!
Into every heart, it shall verily speed!

Oh let thy sayings gain all mortal ears;
Arrest and engage the attention of all;
Capture and lay hold on all who rebel;
Turning them into thy faithful vassals!

The seeds thou gavest to us in private,
That have we anon taken care to sow!
Thy water hath dropped on the furrow:
But only thee can give fruitful growth!

As of old, we pray , give testimonial
Unto thine gracious word in our days;
By enforcing the tone of its principles
In this tottering ball , where men dwell!

-MR. OJOJE(The least of all)

Ojoje Adeyi

 2019/11/11 15:32Profile

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