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For mercies recieved, I thank thee!
For mecies denied me, I thank thee:
Faith seeth mercies even in clear denial-
Some times, mercy's hidden in refusal!

For mercies taken away, I thank thee!
Ah! For mercies blasted, I thank thee:
Ah! many a mercy's nourisher of pride:
For which sake, many've gone aside!

Those mercies and bounty that offend;
All thy smiles that upon my lusts attend,
Are to me hotter hell now and forever-
Ah! Jesu, afford me not them whatsover!

There be a right leg that walketh into hell;
There be a right hand taking hold of hell;
And a right eye that eyeth flame eternal:
Away with such mercies, oh Lord paternal!

For mercies delayed, I thank thee:
That mercy, which mill grindeth slowly;
And tarry is the wheels of its chariot,
I thank thee: for this my heart'd not riot.

Oh! Lord, for mercy abused, forgive me!
For thy bounty I improved not, forgive me:
Help me to see the intent of thy finger,
So that in slot I would no longer linger!

Help me to see that any mercy given,
Is a forerunner of another from heaven,
Announcing the coming of another,
Which is better, greater and broader!

Mercy at hand, is a pledge from thy hand:
An earnest of a better one on surer strand;
Speaking thus: 'He that gavest me to thee,
Hath Himself tied to give one better than me!'

Heaven, the mercy of mercies, I pray thee,
Lord, deny it me not: of all thy gifts to me,
Keep me nearest heaven every day and hour:
My spirit, soul and body, I leave to thy power!

-Ojoje(A bruised reed)

Ojoje Adeyi

 2019/11/11 5:27Profile

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