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God is a father to all mankind,
Specially those of His own kind-
These are His in a special way:
They've a promise of a sunful day.

He is a father to all of creation:
Creatures in the remotest portion
Of the earth look unto His hand
For meat: aside Him What can stand!

God is The Father of men's spirits:
From Him proceed all cords and bits
That hold this frigile earthly tent,
The body, together, He payeth their rent!

If He be a Father, who careth for His'
And maketh shift for men like bees
Do in their hives, then begone unbelief:
For our father'd arise for our relief!

God is a Father to the fatherless:
Weep not, oh! all ye that're helpless:
Made thus, by the cold cruel hand
Of death, king of terror and demand!

God is our Father: we His sons:
On our paths He would direct many suns
To shine as we travel through this vale,
Yea, as voyage through this stormy gale!

There is a home for all of His children:
'Tis a home of joy and air not sullen;
Located in a region of cloudless dawn,
To which all the pure in heart'll be drawn.

-Ojoje(A bruised Reed)

Ojoje Adeyi

 2019/11/7 15:36Profile

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