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 The creation of wholesome children video media

A Christian father of 3 (with the older of them at 7) who, after denouncing fallen television for both myself and family, struggled to find a library of wholesome children video media to turn to. Evangelical Christian video literature that not only seek to help keep little ones safely preoccupied but as well labors to edify them (with godly edification) whenever possible. A struggle that eventually brought me to consider mobilizing, through Christ, the construction of the same (or of course contributing towards one that may actually exist but perhaps suffers poor marketing). Which work I accordingly undertook in 2016. However, lack of necessary resources often hindered - affecting both quality, efficiency as well as overall progress.

While I understand the story must have different for each saint, when saving grace took hold of my person, I felt moved to abandon a certain university degree I was engaged on (to seek more of my newly found Savior and God - as well as hope in the same for future plans). I do not think I ever regretted doing so - however the whole evidently came at a price. Because while inclined to thus minister now, I do not appear to afford to properly finance the work from my non-skilled trade’s income. Nor can I with the same avail any worthy bank credit being thus self-employed. I stand more as a burdened saint than an artist (the degree I pursued was in the commercial field in fact). But I have indeed made much progress in 3D animation since the work started. And I intend to harness paid skilled labor (who should of course ever work strictly from blueprints they are provided with) whenever it can be done without compromising efficiency.

And am now therefore, hereby appealing for any possible assistance from especially fellow Christian parents, guardians and those with younger siblings, who have similarly had their fill of barren/compromised children video media - those who, as with brother David Wilkerson, got so overwhelmed that they would gladly blow up the actual TV box (if they could and have not done so yet). Those who, while thus asserting that there indeed exist great abuse (as in many other fields), are convinced together with me that animation is amongst art-types that saints could draw virtuous value from (especially for our little ones) on this side of eternity - by wisely exploiting it to help them pass their time in a manner that complements the godly upbringing mandated us of God, to therewith teach them evangelical godly virtues together with basic life lessons.

I reckoned it made much sense when I recently discovered that several video media touted as Christian based generally make it to public eyes through the help of vile funds (funds raised amongst the spiritually blind, ignorant and heretic - on platforms such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc). Since many such works often had me wondering why they would essentially displayed no more evangelical virtue than a tree stump - further wondering how any evangelical saint could have helped finance such. I am truly happy to lay this work down (and continue elsewhere where - wherever the Lord would) if saints could on the other hand direct me to any such library, if aware of one - as I failed despite trying heartily). No I am unable to find VeggieTales, SupperBook and several other kindred animated media, touted as Christian based, to be evangelical in their assertions. Yes I neither find CBN (of SuperBook) nor TBN (who recently joined hands with VeggieTales) evangelical and must infer that there can therefore be no true godly virtue that can proceed from their works.

I have the option of prayerfully proceeding the 'tentmaker' route but thought I could bring the matter up here first, if by any means enabled saints could thus consider to co-work together with on the purposed work and hopefully help cut down the turnaround time. Further details or clarity available on demand. For private questions and comments, you may kindly email me directly using the address under my SI profile (kervin at Otherwise, here is where the appeal could be honored:

Yours in Christ, Kervin


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