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 The distance to the finish line determines the pace.

For the Christian, time should have only two components: today and eternity. We are called to place our hope or confidence completely on the grace to be revealed at Christ's coming. We are called to seek His Kingdom ( of heaven ) and not seek eagerly after what the world seeks after. We are called to look forward to the city that has been built by God and not look back to or chase after worldly concerns. This kind of thinking and mindset creates a fruitful context for joyful sacrifice and suffering for the sake of His Kingdom. ( 1 Peter 1; Hebrews 11)

I'm afraid that far too many Christians see time as being comprised of their next 30 or so years on earth and then eternity. This causes us to place our confidence and our efforts on this world and the one to come. A one foot in and one foot out mindset. A serving of Jesus and a serving of wealth. A tree surrounded by thorns and the worries of this life. This creates all kinds of messed up views of giving, going, sacrifice and suffering for the sake of the Kingdom and very little joy and very little fruit.

Today and then eternity is the mindset that every Christian is called to live in. This clears the field of all hindrances and hurdles in the race that is to be run.

The Christian life is to be run daily in a sprint to the finish line and, if we wake up tomorrow, another sprint is begun. Over time, we may end up running a marathon of daily sprints but that is the life of a Christian. Too many live for the long haul and a nice steady pace in this life. The sprinting either never began or was set aside long ago.

For the record, this is not youthful zeal or exuberance. I've been a Christian a long time and served a long time.
Caleb was just as robust a sprinter at 80 as he was in his youth. We should all be the sprinters God has called us to be. What we will do next year on this earth is not for us to plan for or look forward to. James says that kind of thinking is arrogant, unwise and not according to God's will.


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