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 A question about reading and study plans...

Forgive me if this topic is discussed elsewhere, but I generally access this site from my phone, which makes it difficult to do searches. Anyway, I want to know how to get started reading and studying the Bible. I'm 28 and, as yet, have not read through the Bible, nor have I read it with any consistincy. I WANT to read the word. I want to study. I just don't know where to even start. Some say keep a notebook. Some say mark your Bibles. What do I mark? Of what do I take notes? How much do I read a day. Where in the Bible do I start? How much should I study. Sorry if these questions seem dumb, but, despite having grown up in a kjv church, I feel lost!


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 Re: A question about reading and study plans...

Blue = references to faith, believing, piety, etc.
Pink = knowing or fearing God/the Lord
Yellow (colored pencil) = anything notable, repeated words in the passage, etc.

or what I do is just use one highlight color and underline key phrases. Usually I underline statements that are about knowing God and strong action, belief or warning passages.

James 1:22 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)
22 But be doers of the word, and not merely hearers who deceive themselves.

The word of God is to be studied to obeyed and studied to know God.

A great goal is to read through and study through the entire Bible at least once as a Christian.

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 Re: A question about reading and study plans...

I would start with a book, for example Ephesians. Read it slowly. Listen to what it says. Live in it for a few weeks. Read it over and over.
Ask God to make it alive to you and to show you how it applies to transforming your life. Remember that your reading is all about relationship with Him and intimacy. It is not simply about reading words for knowledge.

As you do this you will undoubtedly see some verses that really stand out and pop. Use a concordance to search for other scriptures that speak to the same topic. Use a concordance to find the definitions of words that seem to elude you as you read. You will probably quickly find yourself embarking on some pretty cool scripture searches and find yourself learning a lot.

If you grew up with the KJV, then you probably have some scripture memorized without even trying in that version. I use the mysword app on my phone (I believe it is android only though) and it has all of the classic KJV reference tools available like lexicons and concordances. Makes searching for other passages really simple and easy.

Above all, pray that God would make what you read come to life for you and use it to transform your life.


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 Re: A question about reading and study plans...

Dear Friend,

Which Clifton are you from? I have a son who lives in Clifton, a district of Bristol, UK.

First of all this statement of yours struck me:

[Sorry if these questions seem dumb, but, despite having grown up in a kjv church, I feel lost!]

First you must ascertain if you are saved, but struggle with assurance or if indeed you have not come to the full knowledge of your saviour.

You need to pray earnestly to God to show you your soul's condition.

Bible reading alone does not make you a Christian, but certainly reading your bible is very important for your growth in Christ.

As far as reading the bible is concerned, here is some advice from a man who came a long way:

You are using the KJV, this is the English bible of my choice, too. The modern versions based on Westcott&Hort are somewhat flawed IMOP

1) Set aside a time in the morning, before you do anything else. This is No. 1 priority in you daily routine. Guard this time, do not allow interruptions. Shut the door behind you.

2) Start with a devotional like "My Utmost for His highest"
or Morning with C.H.Spurgeon

3) Get a bible reading plan or make your own.
It is important to read the bible with a plan, not just randomly.

4) Read what you can manage, but read regularily.

5) Read portions of the NT, AT, and Psalms or Proverbs every day. I have my own blend of
x chapters Pentateuch and History
x chapters Prophets and other Wisdom scripture
x chapters Psalms or Proverbs
x chapters NT

If x=1 you get through the bible in roughly 1 year.

Highlight with different colours as you like, here is my code
green truth
yellow grace
Blue worship, praise
brown judgment, warning, sin
grey wisdom
pink - messianic prophesies in OT
purple - miracles, angelic encounters, God's voice
black - damnation

6) Keep a journal, The Youversion gives you tools for it, or use Biblegateway.

7) Pray during bible reading and afterwards. Start with Thanksgiving, praise and worship, sing if you can.
Pray the Lords prayer.

God Bless,

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 Re: A question about reading and study plans...

I recently bought the book "The Next Step" by Jack Chick. I wish I had bought it when I first got saved.

It has a bible reading plan in it.

I have been following along quite faithfully

5 Chapters a day

One history (Genesis - Ezra)
One poetic (Job - Ecclesiastes)
One Prophetic (Isaiah - Malachi)
One Biography (Matthew - Acts)
One Pauline Epistle (Romans - Philemon)
One General (Hebrews - Revelation) - I added this one in myself so I would read more NT stuff

I also highlight verses that stand out with color coded pencils

Red/Orange for a verse about salvation or blood
Blue for a verse about prayer
Green for a growth verse
Brown for a doctrinal

You are welcome,


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What’s your favorite Chick Tract? My Chick Tract story is that when I was working as a chaplain in the VA some local pastor thought it was his duty to cover the hospital in Chick Tracts every Monday. So each week, when we had to off-work at APKNite and went in part of our job, was to scrub the facility of Chick Tracts. He never bought the good ones, sadly.

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