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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Michael Brown: The Rise of Radical Feminism

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 Michael Brown: The Rise of Radical Feminism

Michael Brown: The Rise of Radical Feminism

Anti-LGBTQ author and radio host Dr. Michael Brown appeared on Life Today with James & Betty Robison to advertise his new book, “Jezebel’s War in America.” Brown asserted that a “rise in idolatry,” “the spirit of baby killing,” “porn,” and the “rise in radical feminism” are signs that a demonic Jezebel spirit is at war with America.

Brown started off by stating that “witchcraft’s trying to attack the president...

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 Re: Michael Brown: The Rise of Radical Feminism

Jezebel was not interested in the common people but herself. She sought out leadership and those of influence in fhe sphere of leadership so as to get a hold on them and influence them. She was ruthless. We have many today such as this not only trying to get within the circle of national leadership but seeking to become the number one feminist Commander in Chief.

David Winter

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Since I was a young girl (b. 1947) I have enjoyed observing current events as it impacted the USA government. Elections was similar to watching a sports game to see who would win. However, in recent years these contests have taken on a sinister tone that was not seen publically in years past. I agree with Dr. Brown in his observation of what is at work. The devil is no longer content to work behind the scene, or underground but seems to have secured that quite well and now is working overtly, aggressively believing people are gullible enough to accept his agenda. And they are falling right in line. It is sad when people you have trusted are being sucked into his whorl of deception.


Sandra Miller

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I told my wife the other day that modern "feminism" is not very effeminate. Rather, it is tasked with pushing women and girls to become more masculine, hedonistic and narcissistic (particularly when it comes to unborn babies).

Some of the feminist leaders look at the most glaring and blatantly outlying examples of driven masculinity and seek to push girls and women to adapt those same philosophies.

The irony is that they declare it "toxic masculinity" when it is attributed to men or boys but an "awakening of feminism" when attributed to women or girls.


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