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 The last days of John Allen Chau

The story of a young Christian missionary attempting to reach the most remote tribe on earth-


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 Re: The last days of John Allen Chau

Thank you, Fletcher, for the link to this article by Alex Perry.
It is extensive and probing. From John's upbringing in the
Evangelical church, his father's skepticism, his deep desire to be a missionary to this lost tribe, his fears, his doubts and finally his trust in God knowing that somehow his whole life had led to his death at the hands of a cruel and lost people. He told his parents and brothers to forgive them as he did and he prayed for the next person to reach them for Christ.

Maligned and derided across the globe for 'a foolish task' young 26 year old John Chau gave up what he could not keep for that which he could not lose. He hoped for the day when he would worship at the throne of Jesus with some of the Sentilese people. God bless his memory.


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 Re: The last days of John Allen Chau

Yes. Thank you for showing this to us. I also found the last 13 pages of John Allen Chau’s diary. It is somewhat hard to read because of his handwriting and the website format, but it is well worth the read.

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