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 Transforming Prayer

What follows below is a section from a book by Daniel Henderson who is a close friend of Jim Cymbala.

Years ago, I remember hearing the story of a father who was relaxing as he read the newspaper in the den after dinner. All the while, his young son persisted in interrupting him, wanting the father to play. After numerous attempts to occupy the boy with something else, the father experienced what he considered a stroke of genius. Discovering a page from the newspaper with a full-size map of the world, he tore it into small pieces. Handing them to his son, he made the challenge, “When you put this map of the world back together, we will go out and play.”

Assuming he had occupied his son for a long while, he resumed his reading. However, a few minutes later, the boy returned with the map taped together. Shocked that his son knew this much about geography, he asked how the boy had recreated the map so quickly. The little boy replied, “It was easy. There is a picture of a man on the back. When I got the man right, I got the world right.” Too many times we become preoccupied with the tools, techniques, and even the finer points of theology when it comes to prayer. All of these are helpful, but prayer is not so much an issue of fine-tuning the regimens but of enjoying the relationship. It is not so much about fixing all the peripheral issues of our lives through prayer, but allowing God to change us through prayer. When we get the man right, by His transforming grace, it is amazing how so many other things seem to line up and make sense.

Henderson, Daniel. Transforming Prayer: How Everything Changes When You Seek God's Face (pp. 31-32). Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


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