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 “Rid Me Of Strange Children “ by Gbile Akanni

O’ Lord !
Where is the HELP we NEED ?......where are the pastors,..the preachers that’s message brings a solid conviction,.. a life changing anointing?

Send us great men as this,.. for we, Lord, are in NEED of many,to speak to the young folks, in our Universities,..etc.,,... and to bring a true and lasting conviction in their life /hearts,.. .. for if the world shall stand,.. they will be our next leaders.
America,... the whole world really, NEEDS help, desperately,.. to bring forth the Light that overcomes the darkness.
Awaken us O’Lord,..

Acts 16:9,
“And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us.”

01,”Rid Me of Strange Children”
Gbile Akanni

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 Re: “Rid Me Of Strange Children “ by Gbile Akanni

I recently listen a lot of this Brothers sermons. His sermons minister to me like few others. He is not bound by theolical inclinations but is truly taught by the spirit.

He can preach for straight 2 hours and still hold your attention.

 2019/7/23 15:30Profile

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Dear Bro.
I totally agree w/you.

A bro. Luka offered one of his messages here, about a month ago, for which I am very grateful.

Since then, I have watched / listened to dozens of his videos,..

Refreshing ,..encouraging,....a blessing for me also.

Bless you,

 2019/7/23 16:18Profile

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