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Be Free from Curiosity

Curiosity is a sin that most believers have not recognised as a Satanic evil. Our flesh has a great longing to know many details about other people that are unnecessary and that have nothing to do with us. The flesh loves to listen to gossip about the sins of others – which are often shared by some believers as “prayer-requests”!! But such information will never do us any good. On the contrary it will pollute our minds, prejudice us against others, make us evil-minded, and hinder our witness and our ministry for the Lord. That is how Satan leads many believers astray. The Bible says, “Do not suffer as a busybody in other people’s matters” (1 Pet.4:15). In other words: Mind your own business – MYOB !! You must never allow anyone to tell you about his past sins, even voluntarily. Everyone must confess his sins to God alone, and not to any human being. Sin must be confessed only in the circle in which it was committed. Sins of the thought-life and those committed in private that hurt no-one but ourselves, must be confessed ONLY to God. But sins that hurt another person, must be confessed to God as well as to that other person. Sins committed against a church must be confessed to God as well as publicly in the church-meeting. We must follow this rule strictly, if we are to keep our minds pure and un-polluted.

I fully agree with this. As just last week I heard of a situation where a brothers wife and children left him, the the temptation was to ask for all the juicy details, but all that was needed was to know what happened so we can pray. Knowing all the details turns to gossip and things that are not focused on helping the situation.

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