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 Re: profiadune

You wrote
“JFW, Hello friend. So are you saying that we CAN lose our salvation? That our salvation is solely dependent upon us to keep it? Am I reading that correctly? I ask this because if what you say is true, then I dont know about anyone else here but I apparently lose my salvation on a regular basis. I am figuring I am not the only one. Our only hope would be to cling to the Wesleyan Church's doctrine of Total Sanctification... a state in which we achieve sinless perfection. That's a lot to hope for, honestly. ”

Indeed it is allot to hope for... yet it is my hope! 🙏🏻
For my God is mighty to save and since He is NOT the author of sin and desires that His children be purified, holy, led by His Spirit.... so perhaps the better more relevant question is “do I believe that God is so mighty that He has the audacity to claim that He can so save even a wretch like me, and that I can be conformed into the image of Christ... growing in Christ till Christ be fully formed in me this side of heaven....? ”
Well I’d have to say, yes sir I do believe it!
And if He says He can by His blood cleanse me from all sin, if I will walk in the light of truth in fellowship with Him,... cooperating with Him- then again sir, I believe Him!

As to the question “Are you saying can we lose our salvation?” Honestly sir it matters more what God says about this than what I do... He makes Himself clear enough on this point, how can I improve it?
Having said that, brother gt768 has indeed been quite gracious in offering an opportunity for any who would consider considering they might have missed something... at the end of the day it’s not even for ourselves that we would consider it, but for His namesake- so that we don’t effectively cheat Him out of that for which His blood was shed. It is in this that we “make our election sure”.
From my perspective it is quite simple,... He bought me, I don’t belong to me and therefore cannot any longer make autonomous self governing decisions regarding my life,... instead He commands me.
Are there times where I get distracted? Yes but they should be few a far between and always decreasing-
Are there times when I misunderstand what He is saying? Yes tho it should be rare and getting rarer
Are there times when I fall short carrying out His commands? Yes tho this too should become so rare so as to be a nonissue
Otherwise I’m saying God isn’t God enough to save me from my sin so He has to save me in my sin, which means either He is the author of sin or is impotent and I simply cannot confess that as it would be a lie.... so are you saying that God isn’t God enough to keep you from sinning? That the power of the devil to keep you in bondage to sin is stronger than the blood of Jesus Christ to set you free from it?
I simply cannot find this in my bible.... the truth is the truth even if I’m unwilling to submit to it to the extent required for it to purge me of the lie I’ve believed and lived....

A famous writer once wrote,”it is far easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”

To that point, please consider this... IF what you believe about salvation is true- why would God put so many warnings in the New covenant? What could He possibly be warning His people (who can’t lose salvation)about?


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