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Hemel Hempstead

 God's judgement and climate change ,half truths

When god does send judgement on this earth will the devil try to explain it away as pure climate change
With the recent advocacy for climate change to me it seems like a chess move in which the devil is trying to preempt god's move
There has been a recent Amazon prime release good omens
Turning Christian things into comedy so when we mention hell or heaven or things like the antichrist or other things it will be not taken seriously
It is almost like in the last battle even thou I have some theological problems with it

There is a fake aslan who is a mixture of both tash and aslan so when the real aslan shows up they think he is fake and I think it turns the dwarfes turn against aslan

This is why half truths are so dangerous .

Judgement could be simply be explained as climate change.

It seems the world is trying to make comedy out of very serious biblical concepts

In omens they portray the antichrist as a boy and make a mockery of the concept .
The thing is when the real antichrist turns up it will be laughed of.

It seems we love to live in a world where good is portrayed as evil and evil is portrayed as good and a church that loves the evil and borrow concepts from the world

When star wars comes out , how many churches will portray and try and use it in church sermons or try and be relevant that is sickening to god.

It just seems like we have a devil who has a handful of counterfeits prepared for the end times but not only running through the world but also through the church

We seem to have bible prophecy experts who specialise in red herrings and things that are not substantial because they do not think they will live through the tribulation so it becomes irrelevant yet do we completly disregard scripture

As the Bible reveals the endgame and Jesus knows and the devil knows biblical escatology better than the bible expert

Dominic Shiells

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