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Well, we differ in doctrine for sure (otherwise denominations would not exist). In mode of preaching and worship - not really except when praying together. I like to join in prayer,not just listen.

I am not aware of any bad influence I've made on my friends. But I know what you mean. And I do not go to their meetings in order to become a member or whatever. The brothers have been actually very nice to me, and yea they know that I am Pentecostal :)

Anyways, I'll just pray over the matter and see whither the Lord shall lead. Thank you for your input! If anybody has something to share or advice to give, you're welcome!

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 Ephesians 3:8

An extract from Br Zac Poonen's book called "Full Gospel". I read this recently and thought it will be useful in the discussion we have.

Let us now look at one last thing from Ephesians 3. In verses 18 & 19 we see that we can experience the breadth and length and height and depth of the love of Christ (there are four dimensions there and that itself goes beyond human knowledge!!) - only along with ALL the saints.

We can never grasp the love of Christ all by ourselves. We need the other members of Christ's Body. And further, we need ALL the members of Christ's Body, not just those in our own little group.

That is why our hearts should always be open to ALL believers, even to those who don't agree with us, and even to those whom we would consider a bit extreme. We may not be able to work with all of them and we certainly will not be able to meet all of them on this earth. But our hearts should be open to all of God's children. Our hearts must have room for as many brothers and sisters, as God has children - both barbarian and cultured.

That is why we need to be open to read the writings of ALL godly people - and not just to the writings of our favourite authors.

Let me warn you in advance, that in my lifetime, I have found very, very few believers who have such an open heart. But those are the few who are truly spiritually wealthy. The remainder carry on with their poverty-stricken, sectarian attitudes and live and die as Pharisees, missing out on the wealth that could have been theirs, if they had been humble enough to accept all whom God had accepted.

Link to the whole book here -


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Hi Takeupthecross:

Thanks for the response.

I make it a habit of being with other denominations. Regardless of denominational barriers, the word of God has no such barriers. There is no law against love, even though denominational barriers pretend to protect their members from the erosion of 'other teachings' and therefore suffer attrition because of it.

I encourage you to do the same which you are already doing.

On a side note, the qualifications for elders and deacons do not contain "taking no salary" which means if you decide who you will work with and who you wont over against the standard God has set, you may find yourself at odds with Gods working in your own life.

Stay away from holiness standards that arise from the consciences of others but cannot be emulated as a biblical standard.
If I were to say that, just where would I work? Everyone at my job receives a check including myself.
It in fact smells more like a spirit of pride rather than sacrifice. The root is "I am just plain more spiritual than you" and coexisting with this pride is the thought "I believe salary-takers are at root money-grubbers and con-men at heart." Then of course quickly recite some con-man incident and now there is all the evidence one needs. But in fact it's just an ad-hoc argument and cannot be affixed to any leader or non-leader.

Let Jesus tell you who to work with and who to avoid. He sees hearts, we see externals.


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