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 The UPPERROOM or... (Discussion)

Transcript of inspirational sound bite.

Start: 13:12

You know, in Matthew 8 there’s this passage where these people come to Jesus. And they tell Jesus I want to follow you. And Jesus responds and he says, “The birds of the air have nests and the foxes have dens but the Son of Man doesn’t have a place to lay His head.” No place to lay His head. We’re singing about Him coming and finding a resting place and making a dwelling place here. And I saw this picture of Jesus and He took His head and began to lay His head here, at the UPPERROOM. He was laying it here, like [hand over speaker’s heart.]

I think like when John laid his head on Jesus’ chest, but I saw Jesus laying His head here saying, “I found a resting place for my head.” But I started getting overwhelmed and I was like, “Wait, lord! Wait a minute. Like, I’m messy! I want to clean myself up a little bit and then you can come and rest. Like I’m messy, lord.”

And I heard the lord say, “There was no place for me in the inn. There was no place, like, there was no room for me in the place that was tidy and kept, swept together. There was no room for me in the inn.” But where he was laid was in the manger. He was laid in the manger.

And I heard Jesus say, “I want to...I’ll rest my head in your mess if you’ll let me. I’ll rest my head in your mess if you’ll let me. If you just let me.”

I hear the lord. He’s declaring it tonight, “I’ll rest my head in your mess if you’ll let me.”

And we’re singing this and it’s not about sweeping ourself together and like getting the room tidy and neat for the lord to come. Like if you give him your mess, watch what he’ll do if he rests in your mess. Truly if you make yourself a resting place for him, “Come on, lord! Come on.” Then you’ll find out that we’re not really singing this to him — he’s singing it to us. He’s saying, “Come on! I’ve made a resting place for you. I made a place for you. Come on! Come on!”

But we get so bent out of shape about...”it’s not this” or “I had this argument and this conversation...”

And I hear the lord saying, “I’ll rest in your mess if you let me. If you let.”

So, can we all get on our knees? If that’s you, if you relate to that and like, man, I see this picture of us coming to this place of rest. Of, like, really sobering our hearts and saying, “Lord, come. Come. Come.” Because we’ll never find...he’ll never force himself to rest on you.

PRAYER: So, Jesus, lord, come on! Come on, lord! Come on! Lord, I just declare over anyone in the room that’s wrestling with their mess that the words that I hear you saying that you’ll rest in their mess if they’ll let you. If they’ll let you. If we’ll let you, Jesus! If we’ll just give our hearts over to you. Like fully, not the front part of our heart that looks so good but the backside that we like to hide and we like to keep secret. Lord, come on! Come have it all!

Come on Jesus! Brick by brick and praise by praise, come on!

End 17:24

Source: UPPERROOM YouTube channel
Title: Spontaneous: Draw Near + Blessing & Honor + My Heart Burns UPPERROOM

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