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 Why I Do Not Go To Church

A letter to Jerry;

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 Re: Why I Do Not Go To Church

I do not know who this guy is but I think he is trying to speak on behalf of non-Christians. I do not think it is his personal view. There are few logical issues in what he says. He says Christians are forcing their views on him and are judgmental but he calls Christians homephobic, stupid etc. When you call others judgmental, you should be free of judging them, else your argument falls apart.

But the overall theme is right. We cannot attract worldly people into the Church by making the music and style stuitable to them. It is only done by exalting Christ. Jesus promised that when he is lifted up, he will draw men to himself (John 12:32). Are we lifting Christ through our meetings, our personal life etc? If not instead of correcting it, we try to impress the world by using its style in the Church.


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I listened to the reading of the letter to Jerry.

There's not much the Church needs to do with advise from a God-hater. Old-school or New School approaches to sinners makes no difference...he hates God and despises Christians.

At first it comes off as a hopeful insight into the secular mind looking over American Churches, but it quickly devolves into a God-hate rant in which any suggestion from him/her can be taken with a grain of salt.

This guy is not the 'average joe', he is a professional Christ-rejecter anti-theist who's sharpened his chops on Christians via the web for a while now. He got some air time with that letter so he's got to be feeling pretty good about himself.

Do not forget Rule #1 concerning atheists.
The individual atheist is so nuanced every particular taste and opinion found in one is not be looked for or found in another. They love to thought of as "stand-alone" individuals.
My point? You wont get a consensus of atheists who will share this writers opinions on the Church new or old school, therefore thinking the Church needs to make some adjustments is a waste of time.


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