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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Bruderhof Communities and Eberhard Arnold

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 Bruderhof Communities and Eberhard Arnold

Does anyone have any experience with this group?

I’ve been reading Arnold’s biography and working on editing some stuff about the Bruderhof. They have a publishing house called the Plough which has many resources freely available. That’s where I got access to Arnold’s biography “Against the Wind.”

At one point the group was integrated into the Hutterites. Currently they are separated. The community has spawned at three additional communities in England, Paraguay and the US.

Eberhard Arnold became heavily involved in the Salvation Army during his teens and was even asked to regularly teach despite that being frowned upon at the time. Later he became heavily involved in the German Christian Movement (SCM) all throughout and well beyond his university days to the point of serving as secretary and chief editor of the magazine “The Furrow.” His doctoral thesis was a Christian analysis of Fredrick Nietzsche that showed that Nietzsche had gone the wrong direction by just rejecting the superficial State Church instead of coming to the true. The Plough provided me an English translation as a PDF and I plan to read through it. I fear that he, like we are often today, was affected by the fervor of his day which included the Socialist-Religious Movement and the Youth Culture Movement which seems to have morphed into the adoption of ecumenicalism and progressivism practiced in a Christian with a community of goods and social activism.

I haven’t read beyond this point so I just know the general terms of everything post SCM. As I move forward, I’d love to hear about anyone’s interaction with this group. Blessings on you all.

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