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Hemel Hempstead

 Looking for the wrong signs :Prophetically

When reading the dead sea scrolls

War Scroll Part of it Dead Sea Scrolls

For the M[ aster. The Rule of] War on the unleashing of the attack of the sons of light against the company of the sons of darkness, the army of Belial: against the band of Edom, Moab, and the sons of Ammon, and [against the army of the sons of the East and] the Philistines, and against the bands of the Kittim of Assyria and their allies the ungodly of the Covenant. The sons of Levi, Judah, and Benjamin, the exiles in the desert, shall battle against them in … all their bands when the exiled sons of light return from the Desert of the Peoples to camp in the Desert of Jerusalem; and after the battle they shall go up from there (to Jerusalem?). [The king] of the Kittim [shall enter] into Egypt, and in his time he shall set out in great wrath to wage war against the kings of the north, that his fury may destroy and cut the horn of [Israel]. This shall be a time of salvation for the people of God, an age of dominion for all the [5] members of His company, and of everlasting destruction for all the company of Belial. The confusion of the sons of Japheth shall be [great] and Assyria shall fall unsuccoured. The dominion of the Kittim shall come to an end and iniquity shall be vanquished, leaving no remnant; [for the sons] of darkness there shall be no escape. [The sons of righteous] ness shall shine over all the ends of the earth; they shall go on shining until all the seasons of darkness are consumed and, at the season appointed by God, His exalted greatness shall shine eternally to the peace, blessing, glory, joy, and long life of all the sons of light.

Vermes, Geza. The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English: Complete Edition (Kindle Locations 3552-3564). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

When reading the dead sea scrolls you can see that many of them were very close but the problem is that in our generation.

Is that we focus on all the wrong signs.

We are looking for a rapture when we should be looking for the Antichrist like the Early Church Fathers predicted.

It is like recently with the date of the Exodus as most current scholars look at Ramses the 2nd where there is no evidence for the exodus compared to Thutmos the 3rd.

When looking at the New Testament we always look in hindsight as in after the events.

We are now in a time before the events and what I personally think is that when the Antichrist will come on the scene he will fall Christians. He will look so like Jesus that people will be fooled to thinking he is Jesus.

He will set up a fake Messianic age and live and dwell in the temple as the bible talks about he will fool even the elect.

If you were during Jesus time would you get fooled or even know that the Messiah is around let alone.

As the world may look very different and some things may play out very differently.

In chess you normally have the opening moves which you can determine the pieces , you may use something like the English Opening and then may defend it using the Sicialin or the Reverse Sicialian.

Then the end game

Like Chess god has an end game plan in the scriptures and so does the devil. We know the devil has read the bible.

He probably knows his bible better than most Christians.

I have been amazed at the lack of news such as Mike Pompeo looking over models of the Third Temple.

or the Fact that they can build the third temple in a year.

Sometimes it seems christians are distracted by so many different things that are not relevant when it comes to things such as Climate Change or the Weather or Politics that when things of Biblical Relevance coming up.

If you read the Dead Sea Scrolls such as the Messiah Scroll they are so close as I could prove that jesus is the Messiah just from the Dead sea Scrolls

The thing is following the wrong signs can end you in the middle of nowhere and that is what I feel when reading most christian news.

Dominic Shiells

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