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 Delayed / played

Who is on the Lord’s side?
Let him come unto me.

Moses “Delayed”

To come down out of the mount,

The Israelites, broke off their golden earrings and made a molten calf.

Aaron made a public announcement,
Tomorrow is a feast to the Lord.
Really ? to the Lord,
how quickly we can fall into deception.

They rose up early offered peace offering, and the people sat down to eat and to drink,
and rose to play. They corrupted themselves and turned aside quickly out of the way which he had commanded them. Exodus 32

Who then is a faithful and wise servant Matthew 24

My Lord delayeth his coming

Matthew 25
The parable of the ten virgins
emphasizes that all believers must constantly look to their own spiritual condition in light of Christ’s coming at an unknown and unexpected time.

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Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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