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 Re: A Hard saying,...

There are churches, ...many !,.. there are denominations, .. many !
But what do I see ?
I see a people of all denominations,.. a people that want religion,but do not want to die,.. that refuses to die.
(to the flesh,.. self)
That want a religion of their own making,.. but NOT Gods.

This is HIS truth.. Not hard.. His truth.. If we are truly living as Christ wants we will no longer be conformed to the world. Rom 12:1,2 That can only come by HIS presence, His word and wanting to be more like HIM.. Without dying to us and living to HIM.. we will be religious.. Religion not only kills us it kills others in the name of JESUS.. I see that JESUS had more problems with religious people than anyone else.. He I believe alled them clean on the outside but inside they were like white washed tombs.. their hearts were not for him but for themselves.. Matt 23:27
"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

We I believe should be living according to
Gal 2:20
I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

Just some thoughts
In Christ
Sister Frannie


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I cannot say it better than you have,.. I am blessed by your response.

Paul says it’s a dying daily. .....“I die daily “

,.. but who will count the cost,? mean , there is a cost?...
but what is the cost?
It is free, and yet it will cost us.... there are ‘wills’ envolved.... will it cost us our will,.. a dying ?
Must we sit down and consider the cost before the house is built ?
The Lord is the Master Builder.

Thanks Travis,

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I, so appreciate your response.
Such truth.

Breaking of Bread,..I love,


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United States


Everyones talking about us needing to die...can anyone explain to me what that means?


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You ask:
“Everyones talking about us needing to die...can anyone explain to me what that means?”

I will try to explain,

When we are called,beckoned ,drawed, by The Spirit of God, (God’good Grace) , “repent”,’turn from’ the fleshly way we were born with,.. and be born anew of The Spirit of God.
That is , die then to the flesh’ will, and be drawed by The Spirit of God’
will,.. His judgment s, .. how He see’s we look to His Spirit and be lead by His Spirit..

We are then ,seeking The kingdom of God and His righteousness,..
dying to our will, ...seeking The King, in that kingdom, and asking what is His will, that The Life of God be manifested in our new life,...
Death unto Life >>>going forward.

Death of our way ,..through The Spirit,to The Life that be of God.
The “ I Am the Way”... turn, follow me Way.

Hope this helps,

In Him,

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Quoting you,
“It is not our responsibility to raise ourself. ”

Spree,we know we cannot raise ourselves from this old dead flesh,.. but God raises us, as He shows us His Path, and we depend on His Powerful help.
He is The Image, and The Master Builder, that we look to and depend upon.
(Resurrection )


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 Re: Die daily

Jesus did not crucify Himself.

When Paul said, "I die daily," he was not speaking of a way of dying, but a way of living.

When Jesus said, "Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it remains alone," He was not speaking of a way of dying, but a way of living.

Think. If a seed died after it was put into the ground, no farmer would ever plant it and everyone would starve to death. The seed does not die, it takes on the appearance of death. But that appearance of death fools no one (except those who are being tempted by the serpent). It is not long, just a few hours if there is rain, after the seed is planted in the ground, before new life is springing forth from it.

Grace is NOT God doing something for us; grace is God sharing Himself with us every second of every day. That is, sharing with us all the glory of Jesus every step of the way in which we walk. He is doing that NOW!!!

Christ is our NEW AND LIVING WAY. We are continuously being savid by HIS LIFE within us!


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Joplin, Missouri



Great question to bring up. I can give a few scriptures that come to mind about this. Romans 6 (pretty much the entire chapter), 1 Peter 4 (a good part of the chapter), Romans 8:17, Hebrews 2:5-10, Matt. 16:24, Luke 9:23.

In the church we have made salvation about a feeling of remorse, a prayer of admitting and asking for repentance, and an eternal reward. But scripture does not teach this anywhere. Instead Jesus said that if any man would come after me He must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me. He gave us baptism as the sign of our own death, burial, and resurrection with Him. He taught us about a seed having to die before it can spring forth into new life and bear fruit.

Dying with Him means putting our old life to death and being resurrected with His life in us. It is a heart thing, but the outward fruit of it is that I no longer fight for my own will, my own way, my own opinion, my own anything. Through communion with Him I find the life of Travis growing less and less and the life of Christ in me growing more and more. It is staring into His face with my own face unveiled and being transfigured from glory to glory into His image. It is about having the most intimate communion with His sufferings in counting all of my own life loss for His kingdom.

It is about no longer finding my identity in anything other than Him. Let me give a somewhat practical example. A lady and her husband attended our fellowship for a while. She had been singing in church all of her life, but there was no place in our fellowship for her to sing. She began to learn about intimacy with the Father, surrender of her life to Him, and dying to self. She began to hear us preach about having a revelation of His love that had transformed our lives. It perplexed her. She had always found her identity in WHAT she did (singing). She stood before me one day crying and saying that it seemed I had found some sort of a gift from God that she could not get in the revelation I had had of His love for me and my dying to self. I tried to explain it to her, but she could not get past finding her identity in what she did instead of whose she was. She eventually left our fellowship because there was not place for her talents to be used. She missed the whole point. Her identity was so tied up in her natural talents, and she was unwilling to die to those things so that God could form Himself in her and resurrect her in a way that her talents could be used by Him in a healthy way. That is just an example dying to self.


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Quoting you:

“Jesus did not crucify Himself.“

Cup, Jesus crucified His flesh ,ALWAYS, He lived a life of death ( crucified life) always that the Life of God would be His all and all.
When He said”Not my will but thine O’ Lord be done,... he was crucifing his life in the flesh.

Quoting you again:
“Christ is our NEW AND LIVING WAY. We are continuously being savid by HIS LIFE within us! “

That is very true, if we are seeing this as The Lord see’s it .
I am not sure as to how you are seeing this.But is what I see.

He is ever present to guide us into righteousness, and the strength to be saved from whatever ( our old fleshly way) that He is trying to save us

As for ‘Grace’, .. we did not deserve it, but it is that special , and needful gift of God,.. that enabling power, we must have to be saved out of our old way.


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This is not to minimize the work of redemption on the cross, but the larger purpose of God in the Bible is that of the Cross principle that has always been manifest in God's own heart.

God intends that this Cross principle of giving and sharing be accomplished in us, otherwise we have no real basis of fellowship with Him.

This principle is not forced upon us though, God intends that it would be a choice of living to give, to serve, and to share. We can choose to exercise our own rights to freedom and pursue our own goals or we can choose God's goal and sacrifice the natural.

So our choice is the Cross "for me" or the Cross "in me for God."

Ron Halverson

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