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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Spontaneous healing after prayer in Jesus' name featured in peer-reviewed medical journal

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 Spontaneous healing after prayer in Jesus' name featured in peer-reviewed medical journal

Just wanted to share this testimony, for the glory of God, of another healing in Jesus name, as verified in a report that was just released a new days ago.

I'd originally read an article on a christian news site entitled "Spontaneous healing after prayer in Jesus' name featured in peer-reviewed medical journal" then clicked on the link to read the actual medical report which is here:

An excerpt: (PIP stands for "proximal intercessory prayer")...

“...In this case, the symptoms remained severe and refractory, with no improvement for sixteen years.

Despite this, the patient reports he was able to live a “normal” life. He reports that he grew up as a Christian in the church and attended church regularly. Prior to the healing, he and his family were cessationists (i.e., believing that miracles happened in Biblical times, but not in the present day). At the time of the healing, they attended a non-denominational cessationist Christian church. On November 6, 2011, at age 16, the patient and his family went to a service at a Pentecostal church (that believed healing miracles occurred in Biblical times and also occur today) led by a healing evangelist.

In the message, the speaker reported his own story of having his life spared when his intestines were severed in a serious accident after a 22,000 kg truck fell on his abdomen. While hearing this account, the teenager felt a pulsating sensation in his abdominal region. He reports that “It felt as if God was preparing me […]”. While continuing to listen, he prayed to God “that if He heals my stomach that I would not keep quiet about the subject [sic] [healing]. I told Him that I would share the good news of Jesus and my healing with everyone […]”.

After the sermon, the evangelist talked to the boy and they “compared battle-scars”, as both went through several surgeries, developing an instant comradery. He asked the whole family to gather, and he led a time of PIP (laying hands upon the boy’s shoulders). The patient doesn’t recall how long the PIP intervention took but mentions that he was prayed for only once. The intercessor prayed that, in the name of Jesus, the boy’s stomach be healed. He commanded the healing in the authority and power of Jesus. He made a point of indicating that he had no power or authority to heal, but only with the authority of Jesus Christ, he could command the healing. Halfway through the prayer the boy recalls a shock starting from his right shoulder going down in a diagonal angle across his abdomen and described it as a pulsating and electrical sensation. It surprised the boy, and he reports that he also experienced some pain at the time of the shock. Despite the discomfort, they continued to pray a while longer. The experience is consistent with prior accounts, from scholarly practitioners, who have noted that “About 50 percent of people who are healed feel something […] - heat, electricity, tingling, coolness, pain going away”20 This phenomenon is described by charismatics as manifestations of the Holy Spirit21(p21), which may or may not occur during the PIP. That night after prayer, he ate a meal for the first time without any complications.

4.3. Follow-up and outcomes

For 16 years the patient was totally dependent on j-tube feedings and could not tolerate any form of oral feeding. After receiving PIP, his intolerance to oral feedings was completely resolved. He was able to tolerate oral feedings and was completely taken off of the j-tube feedings one month after the PIP experience. The patient’s pediatric gastroenterologist, who was his primary care physician for 16 years, described his case as difficult to explain, but verified that the symptoms had resolved and recommended removing the g- and j-tubes contingent upon three months of toleration to oral feedings (Fig. 2; SM 4: 12/19/11; SM 5: 12/15/11). The patient was able to eat normally during the four months prior to his appointment with the surgeon. The surgeon removed the g- and j-tubes and the abdominal wall, where the tubes previously were, was surgically closed (Fig. 2; SM 6: 04/26/12). To date, six years later, the patient has had no need to see the pediatric gastroenterologist or surgeon, take any medication, nor has he had any health problems..."

Thank you Lord Jesus that you are indeed the same yesterday, today and forever!

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 Re: Spontaneous healing after prayer in Jesus' name featured in peer-reviewed me

Great testimony!


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