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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Joyce Meyer - I was wrong

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A foretelling of events that can be judged by the body as true or not. In a true sense any time we share our faith it is prophetic ,but that is not the Spirit bypassing our mind and giving one a message of things only God can know. Context is everything.Women can prey and share testimony to the faith in the assembly but never take authority over men in the church. We all know this as christians.......

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A lot of the prosperity Gospel stuff plays out in such a way that whenever what you are praying for or, as they say, "believing for" doesn't pan out, you have only 1 place to look as the source of failure, yourself.

WOF teaches that healing--financial, medical, marital, etc--was all purchased on the cross by Jesus and that we have 0 excuse for not having great finances, great health, great marriages, successful jobs, etc. They never leave room for trouble, because they negate it by saying you can believe it away. The assumption is that the devil sends you trouble and you have to believe it away. Joyce here is admiring that THAT idea is crossing the line.

Let us hope this is a sign that she is moving toward orthodoxy.

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Sorry Havok: I hadn't seen your reply till now.

I certainly agree, I do pray she is aligning herself towards scripture more and more.


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