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Atlanta, Georgia

 Bible Study Methods

Hi, can anybody recommend any good Bible Study methods they use? thanks, Doug

Doug R

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 Re: Bible Study Methods

When my husband passed away 6 years ago, I asked the same question, and Sandra (ginnyrose) gave me good advice: don't go off reading commentaries, etc. to explain every verse. The Bible explains itself.

I have kept that advice and have learned it to be true. I do occassionally look things up, but that is the exception.

I continue to use the method my husband used, which is to read the Bible one book at a time. When we read a verse here and a verse there, we do not get the complete picture. A book contains the complete ideas that the Holy Spirit was revealing at that moment to that author, so reading and studying it as a whole gives a better understanding of what God wanted us to know.

There are useful tools to do this. For example, Precepts is a ministry that focuses on inductive Bible study. A free download of how that works is available here:

I understand Precepts also sells study guides for each book of the Bible. Though I have never used any I know others who have and they find them very useful.


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Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: Bible Study Methods

Here's a couple that I have found helpful

Method 1 - read a passage/chapter and answer the following questions in writing;

1. What does it say? - be literal, list the obvious facts, don't paraphrase.
2. What does it mean? - be spiritual, find spiritual lessons in the facts.
3. What does God's Word mean to me? - be personal, put the lessons learned in question 2 into the form of a question that you would ask yourself or another believer.

Method 2 - read a passage/chapter and answer the following questions in writing;

1. Are there any warnings for me?
2. Are there any promises for me?
3. Did a verse grab my heart as I was reading?

Ron Halverson

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Glad it is helping you, Natalie.

I took a course in Bible School "Inductive Method of Bible Study". In the years since I have used this method and it works fine for me.

In the link below it will tell you how to use this method and how it works. But before you rely on any method, be sure to ask the LORD for illumination, then as you read ask yourself "what does this scripture teach us about the nature of God? How does He think? Work? Mull this over until you think you have exhausted it then ask yourself, "how will this impact me?" "What is my responsibility?" These questions are at the heart of the method. In the meantime, use the method to discover the facts as shared in the text.

The end result for me is that I find most theological books boring because they are too wordy and lack the inspiration one gets from studying the WORD itself - a little bit like eating dried up left-overs that sat uncovered in the frig for a week!

God bless as you apply yourself. It us such a fascinating journey in studying thus - allowing the Bible to interpret itself is awesome.


PS: About the link below: I know nothing about the site itself but the page I pulled up looked ok, to me. Dunno about the links.

Sandra Miller

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There is a powerful Bible software program available which is probably the premier Bible software program anywhere. It is Logos. You can get the basic edition FREE. You can find the link in this thread:

Thanks Greg for the heads up!

Once you have that, you can add study modules to the basic package. Here is one that teaches you how to study the Bible inductively. It is by Irving L. Jensen of Moody Press. Very modestly priced. Quite helpful.


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Snoqualmie, WA

 Re: Fan of Theology

I am a big fan of theology books, commentaries, topical books, apologetics and Systematics.

Yes, some of them can be very dry, so if you need to read through something like that, take it little bits at a time.

Many of them are awesome,

Here are a few pluses,
1. You often get a deeper and fuller understanding of history and context of the scripture you are studying.
2. You learn the viewpoint of others with differing perspectives or interpretations than you.
3. You learn to grapple with difficult scriptures in a safe context where you can think through conflicting ideas.
4. You learn how to think for yourself.
5. You learn humility that others know more, think clearer, explain better, understand more and have a deeper experience than you.
6. You learn so as not to become a 'one-song' singer, meaning you can deal with many subjects not just your chosen favorites.
7. You come to realize that your own thoughts, ideas, interpretations' which are isolated from the scrutiny of others will generate just as much pride as if you were thought of as a theological know-it-all.
8. You learn you are not above being boring, stupid, ignorant, biased, blind, arrogant and many other things that you see so clearly in others.
9. You learn it takes faith to study diligently, pray over texts, wrestle with difficult topics, struggle with opposing interpretations; you learn the Holy Spirit is not absent from theological study of others gone before you.
10. You learn the truth about yourself, that isolated study by yourself, listening only to your own thoughts, approving no one but your own interpretations' will lead you into error upon error with a zeal and pride equal to the Pharisees.

No one is exempt from the temptations of the flesh whether they read theology or study nothing but their own thoughts.


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Joined: 2009/1/16
Posts: 297
Atlanta, Georgia


Thanks for all your comments on this topic, very helpful.

Doug R

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 Re: Bible Study Methods

I have gotten so much from this thread!

I like topical studies for an overview of a subject but I love going to the original words and dissecting in detail as well.



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