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 Urgent: Pray for Bible Translators under Attack

This week, we received heartbreaking news about an attack against Bible translators and we’re urging everyone to pray.

American Bible Society has been supporting a network of churches that are working on 25 Bible translation projects for unreached people groups in Central Asia and the Arabic Gulf region. Working in an undisclosed location in Northeast Africa, where the Christian church faces strong opposition, Christians risk their lives to translate God’s Word.

Last month, a terrorist group became aware of these translation efforts. Two weeks ago, this militant group burned the translation facility and killed five members of the lead translator’s family. The lead translator was also seriously injured. Another 49 translators were abducted and are still missing.

Despite this horrifying tragedy and the constant threat of extreme danger, this network of pastors plans to carry on its work.

They need our prayers. Let us cry out to God for these brave translators and for God’s Word to continue to shine light in the darkness.

Pray for:

The missing translators. Pray for the safe release of the 49 translators who are missing.

Translation work. Pray for these translation projects to be completed so that those 25 unreached people groups will have access to God’s Word in their native language. Pray for safety, wisdom, and courage for all translators.

The lead translator. Pray that God will bring healing and comfort to this translator who lost members of his family.

Arthur Rosh

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 Re: Urgent: Pray for Bible Translators under Attack


Do you have a news link by any chance? I had not heard about this


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