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 Gospel for Asia outreach

I know this has been discussed on this forum in the past. I just found an article on my Twitter account with more news about it. I post this to alarm those who would continue to promote this man and ministry because of what is happening.

(Only 13 percent of GFA donations ever made it to the mission field.)

“In court documents filed today, Gospel for Asia settled with plaintiffs Garland and Phyllis Murphy by agreeing to set aside $37 million in a Settlement Fund to provide relief for donors as well as cover court costs and attorney’s fees.”...............there is shame in this.........

What are your thoughts about this news and what has happened?



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 Re: Gospel for Asia outreach


I posted an official response for SermonIndex and myself on the site towards Gospel for Asia:

An Announcement In Regards to the Gospel For Asia Lawsuit Resolution

This statement: "(Only 13 percent of GFA donations ever made it to the mission field.)". was proven FASLE and not true.

We stand 100% with Gospel for Asia in this and Julie Roys, Warren Throckmorton and others are personal blogs where they are accusing and making statements without solid proof in many cases and even slandering. I recommend for saints not to read such blogs that make it their aim to destroy the reputation of others. The bible calls that the sin of slander. I recently wrote a book on this subject:

In the settlement all agreed that 100% went to the field.

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