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 Abraham, my friend (re-visited and being re-published)


For those who have used the SermonIndex forums for many years might remember that Ron Bailey, posted a series of devotional articles on the theme of the life of Abraham. It was rich and encouraging and you can even read the older articles here still:

The news is that Ron Bailey is re-publishing them into a book in digital and other formats.

from his blog:

A History

More than 15 years ago Greg Gordon, the founder of asked me to write a regular series for weekly publication on his website. At the time I was a frequent contributor to in the discussion forums and had served a brief period as a moderator.

The Plan

Greg asked me to create a series that included introductions to some major themes of biblical truth. We were aware that although many contributors to were seasoned saints with several years of thoughtful Bible study behind them, there were also some who were very new to Christian truth. So some of the basic truths explored were very basic truths.

The plan I developed was to follow the life of Abraham in a leisurely manner and draw on the lessons of his life. I chose the title of ‘Abraham, my friend’ and as a sub-heading added ‘the making of a praying man’. The execution of the plan was so ‘leisurely’ that at times the subheading was hardly in sight although the focus on ‘the making of a man of God’ was a major focus of the series.

The Response

Over the course of the weekly instalments, we were able to discuss aspects of each study in the discussion forum on The flow of the discussions often shaped the focus of the subsequent instalment. So sometimes we lingered for a while before moving on.

We identified Abraham as the ‘father’ of all believers. He was, we might say, the prototype, and his manner of faith becomes the starting point for all saving faith. The kind of faith that ‘pleases God’ is the kind of faith that Abraham manifested, not only at his beginning but throughout his ‘steps of faith’ as Paul describes them in Romans 4:12.

When the series came to its conclusion I was frequently asked to consider publishing ‘Abraham, my Friend’ as a book and this was very much my intention. I consulted an old Bible College friend Roger Page, who was a senior manager with the Christian Literature Crusade. He advised several improvements and I tried to implement many of them. I started that book ‘Abraham, my Friend’ long before my book ‘The Better Covenant’ but always stalled at the same point. The dynamic element of the forum discussions was missing and at times those discussions caused me to reiterate truths that had been introduced weeks and sometimes months earlier. In other words, I found it difficult to convert what had been a weekly blog into a literary masterpiece! I have several files on my computer that bear witness to these failed attempts. And yet, I still get requests to publish these blogs as a book, and this, 15 years after their birth.

read more and learn how to access them when they are published here:

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