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I like to think like there is no box. Maybe each individual church should just vote rather they want to pay the music minister/ministers. I would like to think they're are a lot of music minister/ministers that don't care about the money.

Mr. Bill

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 Re: Worship Music Ministers

If you pay the music ministers then you are obligated to pay the smoke machine and laser light evangelists as well.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. :P


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 Re: 288 = xo

"I find it *very* interesting that New Testament/New Covenant Christianity was not ever meant to continue the forms & traditions of Old Testament temple worship & practices."


This response from one poster to another is key.

If the chapter in Chronicles is to be used as a model, then there ought to be no women in this ministry. And there's no mention of these men being paid either.

I've not yet read any reply which comes even close to there being any allowance or justification from Scripture for this practice to be defended.

Unless one thinks that the worship we offer to God is a trite matter to Him! Or, unless one thinks that God is neutral insofar as His will goes regarding when we worship Him, whether or not we do it for some amount of profit for ourselves.

I would like to think that we have higher thoughts of God than that.

Over the past 2 weeks I've meditated, searched and researched the Scriptures on this matter. I have sought the LORD in prayer. I have asked numbers of others for their thoughts on this.

Thus far, none have offered anything other than logic and opinion.

Thus far, I am hearing with more and more clarity, the voice of His Spirit speak louder and louder how grievous this seemingly innocent practice is to Him.

I came across these words in the book of the prophet Micah,

Micah 3:5, 9-12

My people are deceived by prophets who promise peace to those who pay them, but threaten war for those who don't. To these prophets the LORD says, Hear this, you heads of the house of Jacob and rulers of the house of Israel, who detest justice and make crooked all that is straight, who build Zion with blood
and Jerusalem with iniquity.
Its heads give judgment for a bribe;
its priests teach for a price;
its prophets practice divination for money;
yet they lean on the LORD and say,
“Is not the LORD in the midst of us?
No disaster shall come upon us.”
Therefore because of you
Zion shall be plowed as a field;
Jerusalem shall become a heap of ruins, and the mountain of the house a wooded height.


If the Gospel is to be given without charge nor price but freely, our worship to Him Who has brought us this Gospel is to be freely given, having freely received.

May His Spirit, through Whom our worship proceeds, prick the conscience of any and all who presently see no trangressing, and convict and bring repentance to those who are receiving a profit for themselves, who are grieving His Spirit by partaking and being accepting of this sacrilege.

Be not deceived
God is not mocked
Whatsoever a man sows
That shall he also reap

He seeks worshippers who will worship Him without money and without price, but in spirit and in truth.

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Hi Savannah,
I think that you can still worship in spirit and truth and get paid to lead .If the lord is ur centre that should be no problem.The thing thats important is what is beneficial to the church and that will vary from church to church.If it is beneficial to the Church that the leader in order to be able to dedicate his time to service needs to be paid then thats what needs to be done and likewise if the leader has time and resourses and doesnt need payment thats equally valid.Both examples can still love the lord equally and worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, urs staff

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 Re: ur centre


Correct me if I'm wrong here, but after reading your post a few times, my only conclusion is that these thoughts you've written are merely your opinion.

As I wrote in my previous post, both the Spirit and the Word agree. Such a notion is foreign to the spiritually minded, but I can certainly understand how the carnally minded might be inclined to remain neutral, or go so far as promoting and/or defending such a position.

There are as many opinions as there are heads.

As I stated in the OP, and am still waiting for, is any Biblical support, even the slightest hint of some, that this paid worship is acceptable worship. The Scriptures, and The Person of the Holy One Himself , do militate against it.

I'd ask all readers of this thread to seriously re-consider this which has become the accepted norm.

Therefore I urge you, brothers, on account of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God. Romans 12:1,2

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Hi Savannah,
I think everyones remarks are only their opinion?right?
Their is not a commandment saying
Thou shalt not pay worship leaders ,its not that simple.
Acceptable worship is not whether they are paid or not ,its whether its from the heart or not.In that sense a paid worship leader who's worship is from the heart is better than a non paid worship leader who does it not from the heart.
If a worship leader are full time worship leaders and cannot get secular employment because they are serving the lord then it is beneficial for the Church that they are reimbursed,Its what is beneficial to the serving of Church so that the Church will be built up thats important,staff

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Savanah, you’re approaching this with a bias because you can’t even pick up the contextual cues. The singers appointed by King David were of the tribe of Levi. Their responsibilties were to offer praise to the Lord twenty-four hours a day. So, they were fully employed in this position. And they were paid in the same manner as the rest of the Levitical tribe.

If Jesus Christ is the greater David and David established a dedicated group to minister to the Lord in praise, then the modern day Church should follow suit. The issue of ‘ministering unto the Lord’ is the larger issue perhaps because the vast majority of what is done today is to and for flesh.

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