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 Re: use some discerning

I too have listened to several together videos, Nick mentioned in one of them 500,000 young people have come to Christ
This in the last 2 years...Interesting this is the first Ive heard of it, Interesting with that many converts...I would expect church explosions with the numbers that would be added to local congregations? But alas...crickets is all I hear.

Time will tell whether or not this is anything more than froth. I would be very happy to be dead wrong.

Mike mentioned the Jesus movement of the 70's, I was in the middle of it..southern California the epicenter of expansions everywhere...and with it

that lack of discerning that comes with labeling folks like me as 'bashing'. So when word of faith came in and all their extremes it was way too late to cry 'foul'. Lots of folks on the 'rapture' craze and when that was going to happen, Televangelism and all of the exploiters that funneled money into their coffers. All of these things we know now of course after the damage was done. But to warn of these things ahead of time? Go away basher!

Wet blanket you say?, Negative Nelly you say? Old Pharisee hating God's new move?

Call it whatever you want, in the end God raises up Paul Washers to put right the non-sense of easy-believism that was pushed as legitimate ministry, Walter Martin and Hank Hanagraff to put right the errors of W.O.F. Others raised to put right the excesses of charismania and pentacostal silliness.

As an Evangelist, I work with various denominations, that does not mean I agree with all of them or subscribe to all of their tenants, it does mean we agree in spirit to preach the gospel and in doing so, we work together.

So maybe Nick Hall and others are doing exactly that and their affiliations do not imply endorsements. But this is where the evangelist must be honest, straightforward and biblically direct. He must make it clear to his affiliates, heresy or heterodox teachings will be denounced and refused by the ministry, anyone not agreeing to that is not invited in.
I didn't invite Catholics, JW's, Mormons, Church of Christ cults, or any other deviants.
I didn't invite those Church leaders imbibing in W.O.F teachings. I didn't invite men who wanted to use us as a means to gain attention to themselves or their own ministry. I didn't invite others who were in it for the money and notoriety...and there were those.

If you are just excited to get 'big names' on the roster, and doctrine is just a millennial 'downer' so don't go there, falsehood and false teachers are like flies to dead meat...they come in as fast as they can to help with teaching, training and asking for funds.

Saying yes to a lot of various teachers gets you on a big stage, saying no to a lot of false teachers with big names will not give you the platform you think you need.

Just a pointer for those of you unfamiliar with big-evangelism...big names means big money will pour in. Big names means big venues can be had. You know why no 'nobodies' are invited? Because they generate no money. And I thought God was in charge of this...?

Again, I saw dozen and dozens of huge events occurring in 2018 and yet not a single peep anywhere from anyone about it till now? With a cell phone in every person's hand above age 2 and this massive movement gets no attention? Strange.


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So there was a similar topic posted before....In 2016.

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