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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Is the Religious Right to blame for Christianity's decline?

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 Is the Religious Right to blame for Christianity's decline?

I read this in one of my A/C forums this morning, that I've been a member of since 2002, it was in the ARP section,"whatever ARP is". I don't normally visit that section of this forum, but for some reason I did this morning.

One member said this:

"They argued that, as the Religious Right became increasingly visible and militant, it became associated with Christianity itself. And if being a Christian meant being associated with the likes of Jerry Falwell, many people—especially political moderates and liberals—decided to simply stop identifying as Christians altogether".

Please remember this, "even though it will probably open up a can of worms here" I really don't understand what is being said in this quote, and this is why I posted, to hopefully get some clarity.

Mr. Bill

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 Re: Is the Religious Right to blame for Christianity's decline?

When Jerry Falwell was very popular her was held in derision by liberal sorts and even some conservative Christians were a little put off by him.

He became the “face” of evangelicals. So if you told people you were a born again Christian they would lump you in with the Jerry Falwells. It’s lazy thinking and a sort of propaganda used by liberals to intimidate or discount.

Today if you identify as an evangelical Christian you are automatically branded a racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-poor, and a hater in general. Instead of listening to what being evangelical REALLY means they use this tactic to try to discount anything you might say. It is a satanic tactic to shut evangelical people up.


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It's not as if there isn't also a religious left. The growing apostate "church" (used very sparingly) and the left wing of the Democratic party share many of the same goals and aspirations.

David Winter

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