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 Gods goodness leads to repentance CHSpurgeon

God’s Goodness Leading To Repentance
A Testimony by Charles H. Spurgeon

When I really came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, I discovered that He loved sinners. Before I made that discovery, I thought He loved only the good and the righteous. But when I read His Word, I found that He came not to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance. I thought, for a long while, that He wanted my good works, and I had none to bring to Him. But, as I read His Word, I found that He gave Himself for our sins, not for our righteousnesses! Then I understood, as I read His Word that whoever believed in Him would not be condemned! I believed in Him, and I knew at once, from His Word, that I was not condemned – that He had died for me, and that my sins were all pardoned! And, let me tell you, I never repented before as I repented then! It seemed to me if it was really true that He had forgiven me all my sin, and suffered, and died that He might be able to justly forgive me – that I must have been almost as bad as the devil himself, to have sinned against Him as I had done. Even while I rejoiced in being pardoned, I felt almost ashamed to look Him in the face and claim His mercy! To think that I should have sinned against such a Friend who was so ready to forgive me my guilt, made me ready to hide my head in the very dust! If He had bidden the thunders of His wrath to roll around me, I would not have been surprised. But when, instead of thunders, He gently said, “I love you, and I forgive you,” then was my heart broken –

“Dissolved by His mercy
I fell to the ground,
and wept to the praise
of the mercy I’d found!”

After that, I found that He was not only willing to pardon me, but that He had come to robe me in His own righteous­ness, that I might stand accepted in His place! At this, I wondered much, but when I saw that He really did impute to me His own righteousness, and that I, a sinner, stood before God, “accepted in the Beloved,” that pulled the sluices up, again, and I repented more than I did before as I realized that I, whom He had ordained to bless with such a wondrous righteousness as that, would ever have been a lover of sin instead of a lover of the Lord!

Then a voice whispered to me that, being pardoned and justified, I was also adopted into the family of God, whereat I wondered, more than ever, how it could be that an heir of wrath should be able to say, “Abba, Father.” As I understood this, I said, “Father, I did not know that You were my Father, or I would not have trespassed against You, and gone away from You as I have done.” My voice was almost choked, my heart was full, and my tears freely flowed as I grieved that I had so long offended my Father and my God! To make a long story short, I find myself – I thank His name – repenting more and more every day I live! I am more and more angry with myself to think I should not have kept my Father’s commands in my mind, and served Him with my whole heart. I expect that as I learn more of His goodness, it will always continue to lead me to repentance – and I trust, beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, you can bear me witness that I do but speak what is also in your mind! The dearer Christ is to us, the blacker is sin in our sight! The sweeter the love of God is to us, the bitterer is the thought of having so long sinned against it! The more you see, in these shoreless, bottomless deeps, what divine grace has done for you and to you, the more you smite upon your breast and cry, “How could I ever have sinned against the Lord as I have done? And how can I sin against Him as I still continue to do?”


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