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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : The Welsh Revival Comes to Bedlinog

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 The Welsh Revival Comes to Bedlinog

The Welsh Revival Comes to Bedlinog:

The story of how God used a school teacher to bring the Welsh Revival to a small mining village.


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 Re: The Welsh Revival Comes to Bedlinog

Praise the Lord!
Thanks for posting, Mike.


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When we draw closer and closer to Jesus, we are of course struck more and more by His beauty, majesty, holiness and perfection. We come to know God more intimately and are overwhelmed. Theoretically, as we have better and better spiritual sight, we also become more and more aware, even overwhelmed, by the gross and disgusting ugliness and evil of sin, especially of our own sin. This of course happened to Paul as over the course of his life he was able to declare that he was the chief of sinners.

Yet, my own sense is that many Christians are not growing in their spiritual apprehension of the grossness of remaining sin. They minimize it in themselves and excuse it in others. The only way one could minimize or excuse is that we just don't see it in reality. We understand the concept of it, but we don't really "see" it. There is a passage in Revelation where the saints are actually praising God for his final judgement against sinners as He consigns them to eternal punishment. Most find this difficult to comprehend. They understand the necessity of judgment. God is holy and He must judge sin by necessity of course. However, the idea that we would celebrate the consignment of many to Hell is foreign and unimaginable, especially when this group will include close family members. But should it be? What if we could see the abject heinous nature of sin as God sees it? What if sin were so disgusting and abhorent to us that we could not just see the necessity of judgment but also the wisdom of it?

Back to ourselves. Should we have a deeper and deeper apprehension of the heinous nature of our own sin and sin in general as we develop a deeper and deeper knowledge and spiritual understanding of Jesus? I think the answer is yes. The Holy Spirit of wisdom and revelation both exalts the beauty of Christ to our developing spiritual senses and He also at the same time helps us to apprehend through revelation the grossness of sin within. If this is happening within, then those who have been so instructed and enlightened, will have this love of Jesus and this hatred of sin that will be not just theoretical but also visceral.

If I'm right, then as we search the church, we would be struck by the shallowness of revelation by the Spirit in the church. The apprehension of the glorious beauty of Christ and the ugly visage of sin would be far more intense and real if the Holy Spirit was actively revealing these two spiritual realities to the souls of God's people and they come to know Jesus and themselves in increasingly deep and profound ways. The mature in the church would be so joyous in Christ while at the same time so sorrowful over their own personal sin and that within the church. It would almost be like a fire in the church that would be so bright that the holiness of God and the sinfulness of sin would be revealed as exceedingly great.

I think this is what happens in revivals. There is this inbreaking of revelation by the Spirit that undoes a man with the beauty of Christ and the grossness of sin. This kind of inbreaking changes people more deeply than any normal church service or quiet time. Once you see and taste the goodness of the Lord and see and taste the vileness of sin, its very hard to go back to "normal" .


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