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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Welsh Revival 9 Totalities shown to Evan Roberts of the Welsh Revival

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 Welsh Revival 9 Totalities shown to Evan Roberts of the Welsh Revival

9 Totalities shown to Evan Roberts ( A brother used by God in seeing much of Wales turn back to God in 1904-1906 The Welsh Revival )

1. TOTAL Zeal - Zeal for thine house hath eaten me up

2. TOTAL Desperation for revival. Even as the prayer of Christ in Gethsemane was in total desperation and brought total and complete victory.

3. Totality of Faith - Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God! - He kept saying to himself "I must take God at His word - Till I come to the totality of faith will I see God's work wrought the way it ought to be wrought""

4. Totality of Patience - LUKE 18 The persistent widow. 14 Years. He prayed that God would send Revival!!!! Every week for 14 years - When he was sick His mother said you are not able to go - he said "Mother should I creep there - I'm going!" and he said "What if the spirit of God came and I was absent!

5. TOTAL Willingness to do what God orders - I must not kick against the goads - I must not argue - I must not care what people think or say about me. I must willingly do the things that will pour the fury's of my brethren around my head. But I will do it for the will of God. I know that prejudice will be strong against this movement of the spirit of God. Therefore we must be armed with the Holy Spirit. Amongst many there will be levity. This calls for us to be very watchful with our words and our movements, and remember to keep our eyes from wantonness. Another class will come out of curiosity and perhaps to scoff. OH that we could all kneel. We could do nothing without the Holy Spirit and in that meeting fall in loneliness before God with a broken heart beseeching Him to show His face. It is awful to be without GOD . How can you live without God?

6. TOTAL Commitment - Total commitment to the task in hand - If it is the task of prayer I will totally commit myself to it. If it is the task of visiting the sick I will totally commit myself to it. If it is the work of praying for the missionaries - I will totally commit myself to it. I will do all with a single Eye - of TOTAL COMMITMENT I will see that I am chained and bound to do Gods work and from it I will not budge of give an inch.

7. The totality of Fearlessness - Evan Roberts should every devil in hell rise up from the pit to oppose us" I must be absolutely FEARLESS!!!! The fear of men bringeth a snare.

8. TOTAL Spirituality - The things that are seen are temporal! - The abundance of the things you possess - you handle them for a few days/weeks/years or decades then they are gone!

9. Totality of Prayer!!!! EVAN ROBERTS asked the question what is it i need - he was taught by the Spirit of God that what he needed was the Spirit of GOD!!!!!!!!

He wrote - my heart was ever like a stone, my tongue still as the grave, but from another world there shone a light my soul to save. Now I am singing all day long the praises of HIS BLOOD. No other theme awakes my song like Calvary’s crimson flood. I feel the presence of His hand bending my sinful heart. Henceforth no power can command my soul from Him depart.

His prayers for the Spirit of God.
Send the Spirit powerfully NOW
Send the Spirit more powerfully Now!
Send the Spirit still more powerfully now for Jesus Sake!

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