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 Hours in the Presence of God by Evan Roberts

Hours in the Presence of God by Evan Roberts

This a short Acrostic on Prayer (Each point starts with a,b,c,d and so on...)

By Brother Evan Roberts who was used of God in the 1904 Welsh Revival.

'Before whom I stand.' 1 Kings 18.15

Answers to prayer are the 'all in all' of your asking. Do not forget them
(John 15.7)

Burdens of prayer should be heeded, sensed, discerned, expressed and valued.
(1 Samuel 12.23)

Calls to prayer should be obeyed. Watch for prayer. Listen to God's voice and fulfil.
(Ephesians 6.8)

Devotions are highly important. They create an essential prayer atmosphere.
(Matthew 6.6; Acts 11.21)

Energy has to be sacrificed if the Kingdom of God is to succeed.
(Colossians 4.12; Acts 6.3-4 & 8)

Faith in and faithfulness to prayer reap great harvests.
(John 13.14-15; Mark 12.33 & 32-37)

God is the centre around which all prayer activities revolve. Remember God always. (Hebrews 5.12-14)

Heavenlies are full of enemies. War with them. Be above principalities.
(Ephesians 6.10-18; 2.6)

I in all I am must pray from, and wish, and for, my whole being. You are the axe: grind it.
(Acts 14.16)

Jesus' Christ's cross, and blood, and death, and name, make prayer possible.
(John 15.5; Hebrews 10.15-24)

Know the will of God about watch thing you are to pray over.
(Colossians 1.9; 2 Peter 1.3-15 & 6)

Love to God and man should flow into and through each petition. let love colour prayer.
(Philippians 1.7-11)

Motive, if pure, is a secret of having much from God for God.
(Exodus 17.11; Ezekiel 14.14; James 4.3; John 14.13)

Nothing doubting is a seed of true faith. A small faith, if whole, has answers.
(Luke 17.6; Matthew 21.26)

Omnipotence is set in motion by faith. Therefore, is anything too hard for you?
(Mark 9.23; Exodus 20.2)

Prayer uses God. Command Him constantly and believingly for a performance of His will.
(Luke 1.45)

Quickness in asking follows the inevitable watching with all diligence. Do you watch?
(Luke 18.3)

Rest well in order not to miss the guidance of the Spirit towards & during times of prayer.
(Romans 8.14-15)

Salvation is the big thing to pray out into the world. never forget sin, sinner, Saviour.
(1 Timothy 1.15)

Triumph is assured to the righteous man. Have a God-honoured conscience and heart.
(1 John 3.20-22)

Universal prayer is expected of you. Pray for all saints, and for all nations.
(1 John 2.2; John 17.21)

Victory in life guarantees that prayer wins each time. Be violent in asking.
(Matthew 11.12; Philippians 2.12-16)

Words for prayer should be sought, studied, uttered & remembered. Register your prayers.
(James 1.21-25)

Xpect answers to all your prayers. Fan the fire of your hope. God is. Hope daily.
(Hebrews 11.1-40)

Yield yourself to prayer. Ask for apostolic enduement & grace necessary to do much in prayer.
(Acts 1.8)

Zeal in wrestling with God is a wonderful force in having what you want. Burn while you pray.
(1 Thessalonians 5.17)

Read a Psalm daily.

David Farlow

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 Re: Hours in the Presence of God by Evan Roberts

Awesome.. So so true.. WE PRAY or become prey (:
Thank u for this post.
Bless you.
Sister Frannie


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