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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 No case is too hopeless for the Lord!

"When young Chang was saved his mother persecuted him, and at meal times told him to go into the yard and ask his Jesus for food. Later he was filled with the Spirit and became a power. He and a teacher went out to one of the villages and held meetings and there were many saved. He was just a high school student then.

One day the missionary heard him in the church praying, earnestly lifting up his family one by one. His father and mother were the hardest ones. They too had found him in the church praying and were too disgusted even to scold him.

His father was an opium eater, and his mother had exhausted herself during twenty-five years of trying to manage him, said she had to sin, lose temper, to keep her husband in order. There was never any money for needs for it all went for opium. His sister had made a bad marriage of a widower who gambled and drank.

Altogether the family was hopeless and dark with sin, but young Chang never gave up and now the whole family, father, mother, sisters, brothers, wife, and brother-in-law are all saved.

The mother repented in tears and said, “'The worst thing a person can do is to separate parents and child, and that is what I have been trying to do, separate the children of the Heavenly Father from Him!”'

...the family once “dead in sins, quickened together with Christ.”"

- From The Shantung Revival edited by Mary K. Crawford

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 Re: No case is too hopeless for the Lord!

Praise God.
Testimonies like this never get old
and continue to encourage us to keep praying.
I love the words of the mother as she repented of "trying to keep the children of the Heavenly Father from Him."

Thanks for posting.
I received the book 'Shandong' by Paul Hattaway from
Asia Harvest but had not read it yet!
It is now down off of the shelf 😊


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 Re: No case is too hopeless for the Lord!

Hello Followthelamb,
I love this post.. and I love your name.. May we all just followthelamb..
I heard a woman who gave her testimony at a women's a Watertown NY church.
She was an ex crack addict.. She said over and over they never gave up on me.. NOONE IS SO LOST THEY CANNOT BE SAVED.. She said over and over..
Yes we must never stop praying. I have a list of prodigals and also a list of unsaved friends and family members.. I storm heaven every day for them and I thank GOD that many prayed for me for I was once lost and now I am found..
Bless u
His handmaiden.
Sister Frannie


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