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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : The Last Reformation and The Roman Catholic Church

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 The Last Reformation and The Roman Catholic Church

I'm curious what your thoughts are on this message:

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 Re: The Last Reformation and The Roman Catholic Church


We have discussed this specific video in the past here on the forums you can read it here:

Warning To Churches 2018 - Don’t jump on the Catholic, Protestant and one world religion train.

I wrote a caution statement:



Though there are truths he is sharing that are valid, in the end his own ministry is very much in question.

For one vital thing to start with he is non-trinitarian, that means he is Oneness and believes in Jesus Only. He attributes the trinity to paganism, etc.

Even the name he called the movement "the last reformation" has to raise eyebrows, is he really bringing in the last reformation before the coming of Jesus? He is self-proclaiming to be essentially doing this himself. Martin Luther never said he was starting a great reformation rather he just did what God called him to do and others validated his ministry.

I have a strong caution with Torben Søndergaard


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