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 A Living Relationship With a Living God

Because I live, you also will live. (John 14:19 NIV)

Relationship with God today in so many directions, and over such a wide range, is not a living relationship. There is an acknowledgment of God, there is a form of worship of God, there are rites connected with God; yes, there is a recognition in a greater or lesser measure of a kind of devotion to God, worship of God, acknowledgment of God, perhaps desire for God, but all short of a living relationship with God. Yet that He is the living God means that those who are related to Him should live. He would say, "Because I live ye shall live also." A living relationship with God is possible....

It is not a relationship with some dead order of things, but with a living Person. But I must ask, Have you that living relationship? Are you following a system, an order, or are you in living fellowship with a living God? The Lord desires that such a relationship with Him shall be living all the way along. It is a great thing to know that you have access to the living God. You do not know whether a thing is right or wrong? Well, you have the living God, ask Him; He is open, He is accessible, He is alive; you can have dealings with Him. Just to enjoy a living relationship with a living God is how He wills it to be. The desire of His heart is that you should treat Him as being a living God. "He that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." We must believe, when we come, that He is; not feeling out into the universe, the vacant, empty universe. No, we are coming to a living Person; we believe that He is! There is nothing vague about that.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Living God


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 Re: A Living Relationship With a Living God

☝🏼🙏🏻 😇 😃😁😆
This is exactly what He is patiently getting me to see/believe.... we will always act in faith on that which we believe;)


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 Jesus lives in your heart through faith.

The gospel, the good news, is utter simplicity - Jesus lives in your heart through faith. That’s it. But notice that this clear simplicity of the gospel is not actually found in the first definition of word as mental ideas.

You see, it’s not the statement "Jesus lives in your heart through faith." How do you see this statement of truth? One person holds it as an idea or concept that is poorly defined and another holds it as Jesus Himself(a real person)is alive in me - "Hi Jesus, I’m so glad You are living now inside my world as Yourself and as me as every Word God speaks."

So the way you see is either death or Life. Is it just a image of Christ or the real LIVING person of Christ that Lives in you now?


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 Re: Jesus lives in your heart through faith.

A pitfall of thinking of God only in terms of Omniscience, Omnipotent, Omnipresent...He's so big who can relate to a person who makes whole Galaxies?
All believers do to some extent, but what makes God approachable is Jesus Christ. People ate with him, laughed with him, slept with him, sat in his lap, laid on his bosom, he feels what we feel and understands our weaknesses.
This is necessary (in my mind) to begin a joyous fellowship with Jesus. A Jesus that will meet us in prayer, who will speak to us and who will listen to us.

aside:...It is a terrible thing when I hear some ministers teach that God will not speak to us anymore but by his word in the bible. They say if you want to hear God speak just read your bible. Well, I found out from reading my bible they're all wet. The bible tells us he will speak to his children by his Spirit, not just by reading. Did the prophets read God's intents or did he speak it to them? Did the apostle read God's intents or did they hear them?

To be in fellowship cannot be one sided or otherwise it is not fellowship. Our interaction with Jesus in prayer and worship, or during the day at work becomes dry and empty.
So many have never heard the Spirit speak to them and if they did, they would never say it out loud otherwise their Church leaders would think them heretical for getting "revelation outside of God's word".

Here's where you can pick up stones if you like.
We are all absolutely forbidden to add or subtract from the word of God. No question, but we do receive revelation about ourselves from the Spirit. It does not say in scripture Marvin you are called to "....." It's not in there. But the Spirit of God speaks to our own spirit what God is doing in us and with us.
What I heard I discern using the word of God so that I can have a witness that what I have heard is substantiated by scripture.

Scripture does not forbid God's voice to me, it requires that I discern it with scripture.

Until one decides that this sort of thing is valid in scripture and for themselves, they will put little to no faith in any active 'fellowship' that is not all one-sided. You know what I mean...We talk and that's it. We question, we search, we knock and ask and expect no response other than some providential convergence of events.

I am speaking here of the probability of God speaking, I am not saying God is going to talk your ear off next prayer time.

As a young believer I came to know this very early, when I was just a year-old believer, I was amazed at so many who never had what I had. If some of you recall, I was an atheist, I had ZERO religious background or expectations.
God begin to teach me his fellowship was not intercessions which means it's not about others. Its not about what I want from God, which means it's not about my needs. Fellowship with God is the adoration and enjoyment of his person right now, and the love and joy Jesus has for me/you right now. Fellowship is a 'now' thing. Fellowship is an interchange of emotion, love, words, desire with Jesus.

Fellowship is undertaken by faith. When you believe and set apart that time or you turn your heart and mind at work toward God and express yourself in silence, Jesus is there to continue what was had in a prayer closet.

Fellowship takes the relationship for 'granted', I don't come to Jesus as a stranger, nor do I come with a doctrine that says "Jesus your supposed to be here", or with an estranged heart that has become inward focused upon it's failures and sins so it cannot be at peace and know God.

My times of fellowship have always been times of revelation. They have been times of victory and direction giving. They have been soothing times when I was worried or fearful, they have been healing times when I was badly wounded and needed his love.

Sometimes I came to fellowship and I was a mess, sinful angry, rebellious and yet I did so because I believed he was merciful and kind, not just to others but to me, especially me. Jesus has been more than Lord or Savior, he has been my beloved and my hearts desire, I found this out in fellowship with him.


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