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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Interesting... what do you think?

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Joined: 2011/10/21
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Dothan, Alabama

 Re: Brother Marvin

Thank you for your words of encouragement:)))
God is sooo good and faithful towards us, giving us grace to respond to Him in faith, being transformed by His love while led by His spirit:)

May His word abide in us richly ~


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Quoting Marvin:
“Fletcher : your post was very well articulated. “

“What you have written is the best of the best that a believer can attain, a full communion with God, walking in a dependence, hearing of his voice, obedience to his word and freedom to live without the carnal mind pulling us sideways at every turn. “
I agree,and loved this whole response that you wrote to Fletcher,
,Marvin ,.... this that you both are writing ,..if I may say, are truly deep things of God.
I appreciate you both.

I just did not want to let this pass without commenting,...
I love this,... and your deep thought and encouragement to walk in “The Way” that really The Lord exspects of us,...

Thank you, Fletcher for truly reminding us.

And I would like to add,..(Not flattery).. but..

I hope that you are keeping all your thoughts/writing s ,
,... would be a great book .


Thank you Dear Brother s ,
Love in Christ,


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Thank you brothers and sister for your comments on this most important subject of fellowship.

The 1st epistle of John has always spoken to me about fellowship with God, how to maintain that fellowship, and how to restore fellowship when it is broken.

The Apostle John's main goal in this epistle is to show the child of God how to walk in fellowship with God.

"We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. We write this to make our joy complete." (1 John 1:3,4).

The Apostle goes on to proclaim the message that He has heard from the Lord. "God is light and in Him is no darkness at all." All those that are walking in the light have fellowship with God and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. All those that are walking in darkness are out of fellowship or communion with God. When a believer sins he steps out of the light into the darkness and his fellowship with God is broken. However the good news is that we can have our fellowship restored by simply acknowledging our sin and confessing it to God. (1 John 1:9).

God made us to have fellowship and communion with Him, to live in His presence. To the degree that we are growing in the knowledge of God, to that degree will be the depth of our fellowship.


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Joined: 2011/10/21
Posts: 1058
Dothan, Alabama

 Re: Sister Elizabeth

Good to hear from you:)
Have missed your contributions as of late...
And I am grateful for the encouragement:))


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Joined: 2011/10/21
Posts: 1058
Dothan, Alabama

 Re: Brother Mike

You wrote; “God made us to have fellowship and communion with Him, to live in His presence. To the degree that we are growing in the knowledge of God, to that degree will be the depth of our fellowship.”

Yes and amen!
Sometimes the simplicity of it all amazes me,.. my mind having been conditioned by self-preservation- tho when we see ourselves as crucified with Christ we can begin to see ourselves as alive to God:)))
Still the habits of the old man persist... yet the new man, enabled by Holy Spirit, receives the life that comes from fellowship with the Father through the love of His son:)))
I’m discovering that He gives/shares His love (Romans 5:5) for His son to us who are born again, having a new heart capable of receiving it, and it seems that this (Gods love for His son) is how we become partakers of His divine nature (love). Perhaps this is the “love of Christ” that Paul speaks of that transforms us into the image of the Son. Perhaps this is the fellowship/communion that the Father seeks and why Holy Spirit was given as without Him it would be impossible to facilitate or “process the software update” of Gods love for His son.
After being camped out in John 17 for an extended period it occurred to me that this is perhaps what Jesus was praying for - He seems to say as much in vs26 of that chapter....?
All at once it hit me...WOW!!! If God can give me His love for His only begotten son, and if I receive it and abide in it, becoming a partaker of it (their fellowship/communion) this is the very essence of all that is Holy, Righteous, Pure, innocent etc... my being transformed by it would only be limited by my willingness to yield myself to it- meaning I must die daily to the desires of my flesh/old man to go his own way (comforming to the world) and be renewed in the spirit of my mind by acknowledging God the Father first in every situation, seeking His word as the way in which to walk... waiting on Him to give that direction believing no matter how rushed or anxious I may feel to react to the situation, He can redeem the time!
All of a sudden verses that had previously alluded me in literal practice like; “take EVERY thought captive making it obedient to Christ”, “do ALL that you do unto the Lord”, “pray constantly, without ceasing giving thanks for all things for this IS Gods will for you in Christ Jesus” etc... became instantly practical within the context of this fellowship/communion that God the Father had sacrificed His Son to have restored with His children.
I mean GOD, the creator of all things, the one to whom the Stars bow before, the one who tells the the oceans to come here and go no futher, who tells the mountains to rise and fall AND THEY OBEY HIM!??!!???!!! This God has invited us into a fellowship so pure and holy so as to transform us by our very acceptance and participation that we are adopted into His family??!!!! And to think,... this is the pleasure of His good will- that we may know Him and His love! 🤯😃😇🙏🏻
I simply cannot contain it, it by its own volition, pours forth in praise and worship is the easiest and most natural thing, the only response I have to offer ~


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