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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Renewing and Maintaining the Vision of Your Ministry by K.P. Yohannan

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 Renewing and Maintaining the Vision of Your Ministry by K.P. Yohannan

Many people who have been serving with a ministry since its inception can recall the vibrancy and passion they and their fellow workers once had to bring God’s love to the world; they remember the group’s enthusiasm to serve one another, the love and family atmosphere they enjoyed, and the unity they experienced. But all those blessings now seem to be just a memory.

If that describes us, how can we come back to the place of revival that once filled our hearts and our churches?

Find Renewed Zeal Through Surrender

Genuine revival comes from a personal, intimate encounter with the living God, not with the rules and regulations of an organization.

How can I be a servant? When I know the one who is a servant of all. How can I be broken? When I meet with the one who was broken for the world.

To be zealous means you must be inwardly motivated.

Refocus on the Vision the Lord Gave You

Here’s how we can help ourselves and those around us refocus on the vision of our ministry:

Take time to think deeply and pray sincerely, asking the Lord to renew within your own heart the vision of your ministry.
Regularly review your mission statement, vision and values
Talk with those who have been with your ministry a while to recall what it was like in the early days
Then, translate your vision into your specific area of ministry.
Then, search for unique ways to spread your vision
There are so many different ways you can spread the vision of your ministry. For example, one longtime, faithful volunteer at our ministry originally started serving here because of her contact with a staff member in the laundry room of their apartment complex. The possibilities are virtually unlimited, but you can only access them when you have allowed the Lord to do the work in your heart.

To be radical, you must deliberately choose to do things that would help develop and cultivate your own heart and the hearts of those around you. It will not happen on its own. Take stock of your spiritual condition; face yourself honestly. And through these things, may the Lord give us the grace to maintain freshness and life within our ministry.


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