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Joined: 2005/7/5
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The Netherlands

 Ey fellow brethren and sisters!

Well hello all!
First some things about myself and a small testimony about my life.

My name is Jonathan and I live in The Netherlands.
Been brought up in a christian family but haven't really known or cared about God till I was like 19.
Infact almost the whole family stopped going to church we didn't have God in the center anymore.
I've have lived like 19 of my 20 years without God, without seeking Him, without going to church, etc.It totally broke me down, I got into troubles and various things became my idols.

At a point in time I discovered that I am in deep mess. (thats what happens if you think you are safe and not go to Jesus)
I was addicted to computers and computergames and later on at watching porn and was drawn away from God, so there I was a full blown name-christian. I didn't dare to say to anyone I was a christian, which would have been hypocrite anyhow and that was how I felt.
The only place where I still came in contact with God was a biblecamp, named Herikon.
I'm sure you all heared from it from _Disciple_ and Dezcall, two people I know from camp!

I've went to that camp for years and at start I didn't notice anything except that I didn't know much songs!
Later on I started to see and feel that I really was missing something and I was weary of running away from God.
The speaker David Clemens held a study about Jonah which shook me awake.
Not long after I backslidded again and my old problems came back since God still wasn't the center in my life.

Around last years summer things really changed and God woke me up!
I totally changed and things which would seem important to me at first isn't anymore now.
Jesus broke me free from the sins I could not get out and rescues me!
I've only walked with God since about last summer but wow! He's truelly awesome!
My life certainly hasn't been dull since hehe.

About this site, I heard about it from _Diciple_ and Dezcall and its a good site, with good material on it, very helpfull!
I should come back here more often and listen to sermons more, which I hope is going to happen as of now.

Just drop a reply if you want to know more about me or have any Q's. :-P
I hope God can bless my contributions to the forum posts and my stay here. ;-)

God bless you ppl!

Jonathan Veldhuis

 2005/7/6 15:38Profile

Joined: 2004/10/29
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The Netherlands

 Re: Ey fellow brethren and sisters!

Hi bro!

finally, a big and warm welcome my friend!

next week we go again to the camp, looking forward to it!


The speaker David Clemens held a study about Jonah which shook me awake.

pretty powerful it was, now praying that God can deliver His message through him this year!

BTW your intro is very encouraging my friend! :-)

be blessed bro!

your bro in Christ!



 2005/7/6 15:46Profile

Joined: 2005/7/5
Posts: 382
The Netherlands


Thank you for the warm welcome!
And I very much look forward to camp!

I really hope and will pray for David that God may speak through him!
That people will wake up if they have been sleeping in their lives.

See ya monday _diciple_! ;-)

Jonathan Veldhuis

 2005/7/6 15:59Profile

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