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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : What God can do!

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 What God can do!

"I could bring you just now to the village in Lewis where a young man..was out on the hillside and battling with the corruption of his own nature. He was a convert of six months, battling with corruption, and suddenly he found himself asking the question: "Can Christ do nothing better than this?" Have you ever said that?

At that moment a verse of scripture spoke — "the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses us from all sin" — and at that moment the young man was lifted from the place of defeat and frustration of the Christian, to stand in God's Holy place. I believe when the day of reckoning comes it will be seen that more came to Christ through the prayer and through the life of this young man than from the efforts of all the ministers in Lewis, myself included.

What God can do! through a man completely and entirely filled by the Holy Spirit, through clean hands and a pure heart! I want to think of this as a glorious possibility for you. You have heard of the movement in the Hebrides; you have heard of the movement in the Congo; you have heard of the movement in Korea and in Brazil.

Then you exclaim: "God can you do it again?" I want to say this, and I say it on the authority of this Book, yes,


God found such men in Lewis — I have no hesitation in saying that — men whom He could trust.

Now let me demonstrate and illustrate what I mean. We were in a village where things were really difficult. A certain section of the Christian community were bitterly opposing me on the grounds that I was not teaching truth, because I proclaimed the truth that John Wesley proclaimed and the New Testament proclaims, that there is a Savior from sin.

Now I proclaimed the truth and I was opposed, and the opposition was so successful that only seven from this community came near the meetings in the Parish Church. At the close of one meeting the session-clerk of this particular congregation in which I was ministering, came to me and said, "Mr. Campbell — these go not out but by prayer and fasting — so we are meeting tonight in the farmhouse; we are going to spend the night in prayer."

So we met. There were about thirty of us, and prayer began. I found it a very hard meeting. I found myself battling and getting nowhere as the hours passed. After midnight, between 12 and 1 o'clock in the morning, I turned to a young man in the meeting and said, "I feel led of God to ask you to pray," and that dear man rose to his feet and prayed, and in his prayer he uttered words such as I had never heard in a prayer before.

He said, "Lord, You made a promise, are You going to fulfill it? We believe that You are a covenant keeping God; will You be true to Your covenant? You have said that You would pour water on the thirsty and floods upon the dry ground. I do not know how others stand in Your Presence, I do not know how the ministers stand, but if I know my own heart, I know where I stand, and I tell Thee now that I am thirsty, oh, I am thirsty for a manifestation of the Man of Thy right hand" — and then he said this: — "Lord before I sit down, I want to tell You that Your honor is at stake."

Have you ever prayed like that? Here is a man praying the prayer of faith. I love to believe that angels and archangels were looking over the battlements of Glory and saying to one another, "This is a man who believes God; there is a man who dares to stand solid on the promise of God and take from the throne what the throne has promised."

Believe it, or disbelieve it —-- and you can verify this if you like -- the house shook like a leaf, the dishes rattled on the sideboard, and an elder standing beside me said, "Mr. Campbell, an earth tremor." I said, "Yes!" and I pronounced the benediction immediately and walked out to find the community alive with an awareness of God.

Men and women were carrying stools and chairs and asking "Is there room for us in the church?" The revival did not break out because Duncan Campbell was there. No, a thousand times no, but because God found a man whom He could trust, a man who dared to believe the promise of God."

- Duncan Campbell

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 Re: What God can do!

Amen! How powerful are heartfelt, sincere, fervent prayers of faith!


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