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 What Is It That You Need Today? by Jim Cymbala

“Everything is possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23 NIV)

What is it that you need today? What answer? What problem has to be solved? What are you lacking? Where are you weak? Where has the devil made inroads? Where is temptation getting the best of you? What crisis are you facing? Whatever the situation, say, “Lord, I need you today. You promised you would supply! Give me not only my daily bread, but give me strength... give me self-control... give me patience… give me love for the unlovely… give me a spirit of forgiveness so I won’t hold grudges. If left to myself, I will go astray.”

So, as believers, we must be able to say, first of all, “I need God today.” Then we have to believe: “My heavenly Father will help me today!" The truth is that a lot of us believe in what God can do, but we don’t necessarily believe that God will do it for us. Perhaps that is what happened to the father of the demon-possessed boy whom Jesus’ disciples were not able to help. When he asked Jesus to take pity on his son and help him, he said three words that caught the attention of Jesus: “If…you…can.” Notice Jesus’ response: “'If you can?’ Everything is possible for one who believes.” And most of us are familiar with the father’s immediate reply: “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

We have to be convinced in our hearts: “I have a Father who loves me. He proved that by giving his Son for me; and if he gave his Son for me, how will he not give me all I need? Will he leave me in the lurch or let me fall into a black hole? No, my heavenly Father will help me. So I will wait expectantly. I’m not going to panic or run to another god, another answer, another friend; I’m not going to complain or get a panic attack. No, I’m going to wait, because my God can do anything but fail!”

Read Mark 9:14-29.

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