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 The Nature Of A God-Sent Revival by Duncan Campbell

[img align=left][/img][b]The Nature of a God-sent Revival[/b]
by: Duncan Campbell

[i]This is a powerful message given by Duncan Campbell on the nature of God-Sent revival. and is available from [url=][/url] for $2.99 each.

**But I recommend if you can buy in bulk 100 copies for $100US, I have bought 100 and am handing them out to brothers and sisters to encourage them in their faith and seek after true revival. contact Christ Life Publications at: Phone: 540-890-6100
Fax: 540-890-4133

here are a few powerful excerpts from the small life changing book:

Howard Spring was right when he wrote, "The kingdom of God is not going to advance by our churches becoming filled with men, but my men in our churches becoming filled with God." And there's a difference! Oh, no! Crowded churches, deep interest in church activity is possible on mere human levels leaving the community untouched!

This makes a big difference between human endeavors and when God moves and acts, there is a big difference between evangelism and revival.

If men and women would but recognize that glorious truth—"They shall seek me and shall find me when they shall search for me with all their heart." That means that they may not find Him tonight. They may not find Him tomorrow night. They may not find Him next week. They may not find Him for a month or for six months, but if they are seeking God with all their hearts, they're going to find Him, or God is not true to is covenant engagement.

We try in our day to excercise an easy believism model so that we can get many converts in our churches. Duncan Campbell left the people with God and told them to seek God and pray. When God converts a man ohh how wonderful a conversion it is. I was converted in my bedroom alone with God as His Holy Spirit showed me my sinfulness and need of Him through the Scriptures. But this was a climax after 2 weeks of seeking God in distress of heart.

My dear people, let me say again, in the field of revival, God is sovereign! But, I hasten to say, that I do not believe in any conception of sovereignty that nullifies man's responsibility. God is the God of revival, but we are the human agents through which revival is possible.

This is a great emphasis that duncan campbell makes through this booklet.

Oh, my dear people, when God does a work, He does it well! You can go back, and you can go back again, and you'll find them pressing on with the God that revealed, not only Himself to them, but revealed Himself in them.

[b]to them[/b] but not only that but [b]in them[/b].

And if God in His mercy has been pleased to use me in some small measure since that hour, I can trace it back to that moment, when Sheena said to me, "Whatever it costs, Daddy, go through with God."
And I say to you, brother, [b]whatever it costs...whatever it costs...go through with God![/b]

What a challenging statement. This booklet is well worth reading on your knees many times.

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