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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : A Help-meet question

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Thanks Fletcher for clarifying. A man who leaves hi family because of a bad home life isn’t ‘called”. We can all agree to that for sure. I’m speaking more to the general objection that God wouldn’t call a msn away fro
His family under any circumstance which Scripture and experience would teach otherwise. I think we agree ?


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Yes of course He can,... but it seems to be more the exception than the rule-
In my understanding, when the Lord calls a spouse or parent out of the home and into the mission field He fills the vacancy with Himself:)))


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 Re: All

Flecher said: - //Hope that helps and will def lift y’all in prayer//
Thank you Flecher, & for your testimony!

Caleb said: - //You struck a vein with me, dear brother!//
And you with me, Caleb. Appreciate your love, encouragement & testimony!

Thank you Savannah, I know you are passionate about this particular subject.

Robert said: - //The discussion is great. I think though, that the original post and follow up question was really a question about Jesus and His bride the church and her implied failure to serve with her husband. I may be wrong about that but that is my reading between the lines.//
You are partly right. My expectation and ideal for a blessed marriage is based on how I see the relationship between Jesus and His Church, like you described. However, when we needed help and went for counselling, most counsel usually said - love your wife unconditionally and sacrificially, and she will eventually come around, and be able to submit. But I do not see that with the Lord and His bride. She has to deny herself, take up her cross and follow. She has to sell all she has to buy the Pearl/ treasure ... I had to be willing to love her like the Lord His bride, and was able to commit to it, because of the new heart I received.
Your entire post was very encouraging to me. Thank you.

TakeUptheCross said: - //I've been asking myself the same question... If I rightly understand you it goes down to this: The purpose of marriage is the glory of God. But does God bind two people together so that they can serve Him better?//
That is exactly how I see it. We know God gave Adam a Help, that is "meet" for him.
This short word study explains what "meet" means.
Here is a short quote from it - "Putting all of this together, the phrase (ezer kenegedo) literally means "a helper like his opposite." In my opinion this means that Eve was to be his "other half," like him, but with the opposite attributes."
This is also a very good word study –
Your example is great! The Example I would use is - John is a visionary, but easily distracted and unorganized. So he needed Mary on his side, with her natural ability to focus, and take the dream to fruition.
So they both laid their dreams down, to have one new dream to pursue - the Dream God laid on John's heart.


J Kruger

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