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 Breaking Through Barriers To Blessing - David Legge

Breaking Through Barriers To Blessing
A new book by David Legge

Has there been some undefined hindrance in your Christian life?

Do you often ask the question 'Why Me?' when things go wrong on a personal level, or 'Why not me?' when you feel God's blessings are eluding you?

If we are honest, we often feel let down, or even somewhat of a fraud, because of the absence of blessing and victory in our lives. There appear to be some barriers to blessing, obstacles in the way which prevent us maturing as Christians.

Christian conversion is not the end of our spiritual search and transformation, but rather the beginning, following which Jesus begins the process of changing us. We embark on a journey, one which will never end until we are like Him.

For our transformation to begin, we need to diagnose the obstacles to blessing in our lives, so that we may receive the appropriate remedy.

Sins, wounds, and demons are the three general areas where most, if not all, problems occur. Obviously, the solutions to each of these problems are different. Sins should be repented of, wounds need to be healed, and demons must be expelled.

In “Breaking Through Barriers to Blessing”, David Legge seeks to help you identify and overcome the hindrances to your progress as a Christian, releasing you to a life of blessing and fulfilment.

What others are saying...

“This book practically and effectively applies the transformational power of the Gospel to some of life's most intractable problems. I recommend it to those longing to break through barriers into God's blessing!” - Dr. R.T Kendall
Christian writer, speaker, and teacher who pastored Westminster Chapel for 25 years

Find out many locations to buy the book here in the UK:

Also available on

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 Re: Breaking Through Barriers To Blessing - David Legge

I really like this brother, I have listened to many of his sermons. ........bro Frank

 2018/10/30 18:58

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 Re: Breaking Through Barriers To Blessing - David Legge

Hi Brother,

I read the book now. I didn't see any Scriptural support provided for the notion that God's transforming grace is hindered by our past wounds in life. If I understand Scripture right, we are transformed into His likeness ( spiritual maturity) through ever increasing knowledge of Jesus. I don't see anything in Scripture that suggests or even implies that this transforming work of grace is impeded, slowed or blocked by the psychological wounds of our past. I don't think he supplied any in his book. It seemed like more of a psychology based thesis than spiritual. A spirit of wisdom and revelation is God's prescription for knowing Christ and His love and being filled with all the fullness of God.

This is not just a theological curiosity or item of debate. It would seem to be a very important issue if this thesis of David Legge has any traction in churches, which it actually has had, especially in countries or areas where painful trauma is very prevalent. I know pastors who are being told and counseled that their ministries and personal walks with God can't move forward until they have counseling to deal with their painful pasts.

Any correction of me would be sincerely appreciated. If his thesis is good for the church or if I misunderstand God's work of bringing us to maturity, I would like to understand it and endorse his

I resisted this post for a while trying to make sure it was necessary and profitable. I feel comfortable in posting that my motives are not argumentative or unnecessary for the body.


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Bro Robert, I have not read the book so I could not comment on any thesis but I will give you my opinion based on my own experience and the testimony of many good brothers in Christ. We have to take up our crosses and die daily and that includes dying daily to the flesh. This would be the process of sanctification. Paul said that he had learned to be content in whatever situation he found himself in. The key word is learned. No magic wand, no shortcut to maturity, no bypassing the trials and the tribulations of life. We learn more about ourselves, our flesh, in our failures. All of it confirms our need for Jesus, every hour.

I personally do not believe in Christian counseling. We can be advised by spiritually mature saints in Christ, we can be given words of wisdom and knowledge and so on, but so called Christian counseling, in my opinion, is mere psychology. The obvious example of wounds from the past is unforgiveness or bitterness. These will indeed form an obstacle to ministry. We know that if we have something against a brother or a brother has something against us, as far as it is in our power we should put that right.

The more mature the saint becomes, and he becomes that way because he "learns," like Paul, not to be confused with theology, but actual experience and failures, the more useful that saint is in the hands of the Lord. The process of being transformed into His likeness can be a brutal one and requires a brokenness on our our part. We are not in charge of the process of being broken, the Lord is. Remember, if you are a son, you will be chastened just as an earthly father chastens his son, so to the Lord chastens, and the word is scourges, his children.

Every cross is unique. The cross we are required to pick up daily is specifically unique to the individual. It is the cross we must bear, if we would be transformed into His likeness and not remain babes who only know milk and cannot stomach strong meat.................bro Frank

 2018/11/1 0:41

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 Re: Christian counselors who place the cross at the center

There seems a large difference in my opinion between Christian counselors who have learned to place the cross and its benefits for believers at the center of their counseling and those who employ worldly psychology or who employ worldly psychology and try and mix it with the cross and human efforts to be healed and "become better." In my experience it seems that many times when Christian counseling is brought up that it is automatically associated with worldly psychology. Wise and seasoned Christian counselors, many times pastors, who sit and listen to people and their problems have done a immensely beneficial service to the church. One told me that he doesn't promote himself as a Christian counselor but tells potential counselees he is only a pastor who knows a good counselor.

They meant well but the charismatic movement was guilty to a degree of telling new converts that all their problems were gone now that they were in Christ. Every burden you brought into the kingdom of God is now solved and you don't have to bear them any longer was a standard mantra.

I heard of a lady who was washing dishes and looking out of her kitchen window and saw her five year old daughter run over and the daughter did not survive. Each year at this time the lady would just shut down and quit everything and go to bed for a week. It was a long cycle she became involved in and continued when she was a Christian. She needed a listening ear. She truly needed healing and it took a while for her to come into it.

A lady I know was very innocently left in a Sunday school room by her pastor father for a few minutes with a deacon when she was a little girl and the deacon advanced on her if you know what I mean. She bore this shame in silent for years and years and never told anyone. Was she just supposed to be told all that is behind you and these wounds you still have are just imaginary and you just need to take up the cross? Sure the cross is the source of her ultimate healing and yes she needs to grow in the revelation and knowledge of Christ. Certainly that brings healing and should be at the center of Christian counseling but healing sometimes takes a while and listening ears are very necessary in the body of Christ. I bore wounds for years and years because I was told all that is gone when you come to Christ. You just need to go out and be a mighty man of God was the message laid on me. Lazarus came out of the tomb alive but still had to get the grave clothes taken off of him. So with Christian counseling I believe. People alive in Christ still need help and a listening ear to help unwind themselves from lingering grave clothes. Broken and bound hearts are still everywhere and need to be pointed to the new creation. New believers who were excessively brow beat by parents and others and bear many wounds are now somehow just supposed to believe that God is a Father to them and has unceasing love for them. What blocks that revelation from becoming real to so many? It is true but it takes a while for us all to get there and a listening ear can be indispensable.

Christ and cross centered counselors in the church who have a compassionate heart and a listening ear are invaluable as they point folks not to themselves but to the "Wonderful Counselor." Many churches with Not all Christian counseling is necessarily worldly in my opinion. Many churches with Christ centered counseling ministries are doing just what they should be doing.

David Winter

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Encouraging, giving wisdom, prophetic messages, admonishing, reproving, exhorting, rebuking , all with patience, gentleness and love are the ministry of the mature to the struggling, wayward, weak, or rebellious saint in the NT. This is biblical counseling in the Bible as far as I can tell. It is provided it seems as a God appointed, God empowered and God filled ministry of older saints usually to younger saints, which hopefully includes the elders of the church who should be spiritually mature to qualify but the “mature” in the church isn’t restricted to just elders ( especially for example older women saints discipline younger women). Counseling Iin the NT has the name of “disciple making” in most instances. Today, a professional clergy takes on that role and the result is an overworked brother and an underserved body.

Clearly, we will default to psychology when our trust in the transformative power of God is at a low ebb. If the mature in the church stepped into their roles and giftings, I am confident the need for psychology and counseling by a few would diminish significantly. At the least, the epistles recognize the principles I have inartfully stated as the norm for the body.


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As I read my bible, we don't get to say "I have no need of thee". God's giftings and preparations are under God's control, second guessing everyone not cookie cutter shaped like us cannot be a viable answer.

We need our counselors because we are not mature, we need our physicians because we are not healthy, we need our many and varied professions because we do not believe.

Marriage should get some before you need to ask forgiveness for a dozen foolish actions on your part.
Spiritual should get some before you take your leap off the proverbial cliff.
Financial should get some and avoid bankruptcy.

Proverbs 15:22
Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.

It would be great if pastors were really able to counsel well, but so many of them cannot. Their trite bible phrases and shallow understanding of what's in front of them will train-wreck those coming to them. There are wonderful pastors who counsel and there are others who cannot.
You may have a very competent counselor as a pastor, but others cannot counsel you out of a bag with both ends open.

Make room for the grace of God to manifest in many ways, be discerning of ways that are corrupted by the human wisdom. You cannot know one or the other without a good investigation into what's being said and why. Even then your own wisdom may fail you.

As to women counseling...God has counseled us to have the older women teach the younger how to love their husbands etc. I thank God for women who can offer godly counsel to other women and give insights to men as well.
We all know this to be of God, try telling God your wife has nothing to offer you as a husband, If your own wife has been positioned to offer you the love and wisdom of God, can she not obey God and offer it to other women as well?

Even a donkey can rebuke the madness of a prophet.


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