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 The Life of Trust by Loran Helm

Abridged notes taken by Jacob Litchfield.

- Makes no arrangements
- No questions asked (carnal questioning)
- All questions answered in God’s timing
- No programs of man
- The Holy Spirit is the leader
- Not what we want
- Complete relaxation
- Anticipation of His will
- Does not manipulate or arrange
- Does not try to steer or engineer God’s will
- Suffering - which precedes compassion

It’s not to accomplish great things, it means to be faithful to a small assignment.
Many men have died without knowing what they could have been if they would have trusted Jesus.

God will not let the trusting heart miss anything that is for him

The world sees what God gives the trusting heart as scrap, but it is at the center, diamond

The life of trust is the only life He can guide

God cannot lead the retaliating, resentful, murmuring, critical, disobedient, unbelieving heart

The trusting heart dwells and leans under the shadow of the Almighty

The trusting heart lives on and in the Word

Trust has it’s existence in the fellowship of God

Trust has it’s essence in “Christ in you the hope of glory” as you wait and praise and obey

Trust ceases at disobedience

Trust cannot exist with any earthly manipulation

Trust cannot exist in an unbelieving heart

Trust ceases to exist in a cramped, pressed spirit

In the life of trust it is never monotony, it is variation

Trust is when we are completely in His hand, happy with His guidance and direction

In the life of trust there is great flowing of praise in the interior life

In the life of trust there is a sunset that never sets

Only a childlike heart will trust


Man will try to mash this out of you

The most wonderful thing you could ever do is to learn to trust Him with all your heart!

In the life of trust there is complete compliance with God’s will

Only the trusting, obedient heart can hear

The trusting heart fears God

The heart that loves and fears God is the heart that trusts God, not anxious

The trusting heart rejoices

Everything in us (that is our flesh) is against this!

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