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 Misplaced confidence is dangerous

"Now may the God of all hope fill you with joy and peace as you believe so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13.

Confidence is such a powerful tool for good or evil. Our hope or confidence must be in God and not in other things or people. If we have strong confidence in God, in Christ, in His character, His power, His promises especially of an inheritance waiting for us, His word, His cross and resurrection, then we can have faith, joy, peace and love in the Holy Spirit. Faith in each day is fed by the level of our confidence in Jesus.

When Satan is effective in causing God's people to stumble it happens when he shakes our confidence in God or gets us to have confidence in the strength of man, the security of wealth, the lies of the world, or the happiness, power and comfort this world offers.

You can always see where men place their confidence when you watch them, how they live their lives, react to loss, what they spend their time pursuing. Anxiousness, fear, , disobedience, anger, and strife are all due to misplaced confidence. Our hope is to be in the Lord only. That is where the peace of mind is that gets us through the temptations and storms.

Satan shook Eve's confidence in God and His goodness, and unbelief followed.
Peter lost confidence when he took his eyes off Jesus and He sank. The people of Israel lost confidence in God when they heard the evil report and fear and disobedience followed. The Jewish believers in the book of Hebrews were starting to lose their confidence in Jesus and they were anxious, fearful and ready to walk away.

If you remain confident in God in all circumstances, nothing can rob you of your peace and joy and love. If you allow your confidence to be shaken or you become confident in other things ( job, money, family, relationships, physical strength, worldly wisdom, political climate, your own righteousness ) then Satan has his entry into your heart and disaster is around the corner. God uses Satan to tempt and to persecute His people so He can reveal where confidence is placed and so that He can strengthen the confidence of those who overcome.


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