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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Why no real persecution in America

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 Why no real persecution in America

If American churches started insisting that Christians no longer strive for wealth, that they be content with what they have, that an abundance of possessions over our daily needs is morally wrong, that we not store up treasures on earth, that we work only for our needs and for the needs of others and no one was concerned about the style of clothes they wore or the vanity of their looks and assuming the Christians obeyed, then the American economic system would immediately go into a devastating depression from which it would never recover. America would be in chaos. That is the truth. Then, no one would have to wonder why American Christians aren't being persecuted like the rest of the world. Persecution would be everywhere. Like the silversmith in the NT who lost his income when Paul preached against the idols of that day, the consumer economy would come looking for the ones who spoiled the idol worship in America. Doubting the church would preach such lies and that the Christians would obey even if the leadership did. .


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